Alan Alyth

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Alan Alyth is the owner and bartender of the Elfsong Tavern in the Lower City of Baldur's Gate.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

The party can ask Alan about Duke Stelmane's murder and about whether he has a free room. Alan remarks that the murder has spooked off lots of potential customers and offers to let the party stay in the whole upstairs floor until the panic subdues so that people will realize there's nothing to worry about.

Alan asks for a mere 200 gold for the player to use the floor, though he can also be persuaded to make the room available for free through dialogue ability checks:

  • Fair point. Here's the money. (200)
  • [Persuasion] You want 200 gold to sleep next to a murder scene? Really? (DC 18 Persuasion check with 'Situational' Advantage)
  • [Perception] Point out the tavern's obvious dirt and grime- that should get you a discount.
  • [Sorcerer][Intimidation] I could wave my hand and turn this place into rubble.

No matter whether the player spent gold or used an ability check, the Elfsong Tavern campsite will become the permanent camp for the party in the Lower City, replacing the waterside back alley camp.

Obtaining the room awards the Inspiration Icon.pngInspirational Events: For Once, a Warm Meal (Outlander background), Veteran's Hotspot (Soldier background), Proper Lodging, Finally (Urchin background) and Perks of the Trade if a rebate was obtained (Charlatan background).

Shop[edit | edit source]