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Background Charlatan Icon.png

"You’re an expert in manipulation, prone to exaggeration and more than happy to profit from it. Bending the truth and turning allies against each other will lead to greater success down the road."

Background Features[edit | edit source]

Background Goals[edit | edit source]

Performing certain actions that align with this background will reward Inspiration. These goals can be accomplished by any member of the active party, and Inspiration points are pooled, up to a maximum of 4.

Act One[edit | edit source]

  • A Better Offer: Convince the pit spiders to attack the goblins.
  • A Friend to All: Gain access to Grymforge peacefully by lying to the raft patrol.
  • Anything For A Profit: Steal the toe ring from Crusher without getting caught.
  • Cheese Your Way Through: Talk your way past the bandits and enter the chapel.
  • Devil's Advocate: Interrogate the dead mind flayer without drawing suspicion.
  • Flexible Diplomacy: Betray the tieflings after convincing them to free Lae'zel.
  • Just Passing Through: Trick the goblins in Moonhaven.
  • Merciless: Manipulate the Flind into eating itself.
  • Mirror Master: Trick the magic mirror in the Thayan cellar.
  • One of Us: Use the hag's mask to peacefully bypass her thralls.
  • Silver Blades, Silver Tongue: Convince Kith'rak Voss to leave without violence.
  • Spiked: Poison the beer in the goblin camp.
  • The Importance of Networking: Talk your way into the Zhentarim Hideout.
  • Very Important Parasite: Deceive any of the guards in the goblin camp.
  • Warmonger: Cause Glut to stage a coup - then pick a side.

Act Two[edit | edit source]

  • Clear Conscience: Successfully lie to Z'rell about the fate of the goblins.
  • Know Thy Clientele: Instigate Z'rell into showing off her gifts from the Absolute.
  • Not My First Time: Resist the truth serum when talking to Jaheira.
  • Not to Worry, I Have a Permit: Evade repercussions when speaking to the Moonrise prisoners.
  • Pied Piper: Successfully influence the gnolls, either to break free or continue being subservient.
  • Shuffling the Board: Rig the game of lanceboard.
  • Takes One to Know One: Expose the true form of the toll collector by removing all of her gold armour.
  • Tricks of the Trade: Successfully pretend to drink from the steins of ale.

Act Three[edit | edit source]

  • Always Trust a Dishonest Person: Betray a recently forged alliance.
  • Cheating the Cheater: Find the source of the genie's trick and take it.
  • Friends in Low Places: Gain access to the Undercellar through Tusgront.
  • Grave Prospector: Retrieve the grave's gold from Bugthimble.
    • (dig the grave mound near Gorion Mausoleum, better use invisibility before as it's a crime)
  • Never Trust an Honest Person: Lie to make your way into the big barn.
  • Not so Infallible After All: Evade being arrested by a Steel Watcher.
  • Nothing's Not For Sale: Convince the Flaming Fist quartermaster to trade with you.
  • Perks of the Trade: Obtain a rebate for your room at Elfsong Tavern.
  • Rock-Solid Alibi: Manage to convince the Flaming Fist to let you into Wyrm's Rock.
  • Saving a Fellow Tale-Spinner: Save Volo from an untimely death.
  • Seams of Lavender and Thyme: Deceive your way into the circus.
  • Silver-Tongue's Better Than Any Key: Gain access to Avery's workshop.
  • Stuffed Bears in the Closet: Blackmail the merchant.
  • The News of My Deeds Was Greatly Exaggerated: Rig the Baldur's Mouth printing press.
  • Woman of Her Word: Side with the Nine-Fingers against the Zhentarim.