Lump's War Horn

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Sound this horn to call Lump's frenzied band of ogres. They will feast on anyone they can get their hands on, but if you've made a deal with them, they will make an effort to spare your party.

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A simple horn belonging to Lump the Enlightened. The mouthpiece is crusty with chunks of dried food.


  • Miscellaneous Items
  • Rarity: Common
  •  Weight: 2 kg / 4 lb
  • Price: 25 gp
  • UID UNI_Horn_Ogres_CineTemplate
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  • Summon Lump, Chock, and Fank to join the current combat as allies.

Where to find

Given by Lump the Enlightened after hiring his Ogres in the Blighted Village.


  • Can only be used in Act One areas (including the Underdark, but not the Mountain Pass).
    • Upon entering Act 2 (either Moonrise Towers or the Shadow-Cursed Lands, the contract will end and you cannot use it unless you go back to Act 1
    • If payment was promised to Lump and the players pass this point of no return, the ogres will show up to violently collect their promised spoils.
  • Blowing the horn outside of Act One prompts the following lines:
    • Custom Origin, Minthara, Minsc, Jaheira, and Halsin: "I'm far beyond ogre ears."
    • Astarion: "The ogres can't hear me. And I can't smell them. A fair trade, I say."
    • Karlach: "They can't hear the horn. We'll have to fight our own battles."
    • Lae'zel: "The ogre won't come. I am well out of range."
    • Gale: "No ogres. Stands to reason the sound of this primitive tool doesn't carry very far."
    • Shadowheart: "No sense in bursting my lungs on this horn. The ogres are too far away to hear it."
    • Wyll: "Yoo-hoo! Hellooooooo? Guess he can't hear me."
  • Blowing the horn once the ogres are dead prompts the following lines:
    • Custom Origin: "It's a nice horn - but useless now"
    • Astarion: "Oh well. Worth a toot."
    • Gale: "Why bother? The dead can't hear my summons."
    • Karlach: "The ogres are dead. It's a mercy I didn't summon their shambling corpses."
    • Lae'zel: "Useless. The ogres are dead."
    • Minthara, Custom Origin (sometimes): "You can't summon a dead ogre, it turns out."
    • Shadowheart: "Doesn't matter how loud the horn's blown - dead ogres can't hear it."
    • Wyll: "What was I thinking? I can't summon a dead ogre!"
  • Blowing the horn at camp prompts the following lines:
    • Custom Origin: "Nothing. It's... not really the time for an ogre rampage, anyhow."
    • Astarion: "Perhaps it's better the ogres aren't coming. I'm sure they snore."
    • Gale: "No response? Ogres aren't the types to enjoy a quiet night by the fire, I suppose."
    • Karlach: "The ogres aren't coming. Good. They'd wreck the camp."
    • Lae'zel: "No ogres. Surely for the best."
    • Shadowheart: "Hmm. Probably best to not have ogres traipsing through the camp, come to think of it..."
    • Wyll: "No ogres. Good thing, too - they'd rip the camp to shreds."
  • If you blow the horn without any NPCs around, the ogres will get upset and turn hostile.