Sword Coast Couriers

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Sword Coast Couriers

Sword Coast Couriers is a Location within the Over-world in Chapter Three. It is located in Rivington, across from the Open Hand Temple and just south of the South Span Checkpoint.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Inside, Danzo Arkwright oversees the postal services and initiates the quest Find the Missing Letters.

The upper floor is a pigeon loft, where Commander Lightfeather can be found. Meeting Commander Lightfeather earns the Inspirational Event Enlisted Avian (Outlander background) and Reporting for Duty (Soldier background).

Outside the courier office is a small fenced area with delivery dog kennels. These kennels were Scratch's old home. Angry Mar'hyah is a terror of the resident canines and was Scratch's original owner. She will attempt to bully the player into returning Scratch.

Lens, a reporter for the Baldur's Mouth Gazette can be found next to the post office. Completing her interview earns the Inspirational Events Press Release (Noble background) and Blabbermouth (Entertainer background).

Companion approval[edit | edit source]

  • Woof twice at Angry Mar'hyah Karlach approves +1 Astarion approves +1 Shadowheart approves +1 Minsc approves +1 Wyll approves +1
  • DRUID He is not 'property,' he is Scratch. Don't you dare threaten him. Halsin approves +1 Karlach approves +1 Astarion approves +1
  • Give up Scratch to Angry Mar'hyah Karlach disapproves -1 Minsc disapproves -1 Shadowheart disapproves -1 Halsin disapproves -1 Wyll disapproves -1 Minthara approves +1
  • Intimidate or deceive Angry Mar'hyah into leaving Lae'zel disapproves -1 Minthara disapproves -1 Jaheira approves +1 Minsc approves +1 Gale approves +1 Halsin approves +1 Karlach approves +1 Karlach approves +1 Shadowheart approves +1 Wyll approves +1

Related Quests[edit | edit source]

Notable NPCs[edit | edit source]

Readable Items[edit | edit source]

Main Room[edit | edit source]

Dispatches Ledger 
[A log of dispatched passages, turned to the most recent page]

Packages Sent

Pigeon acquisition request - Bloomridge Park

Posthouse apology missives - Nit, Frigglebottom, Carrion, Vanthampur

Baldur's Mouth Gazettes - Outer City Circulation (note, chase up Estra for promised personal interview - D)

Frontline war report - Duke Ravenguard

Component pouches - Sorcerous Sundries

Refugee letters - Rector Yannis, Open Hand Temple

Gortash Coronation Poster 
Lord Gortash to be elevated to Archduke. Grand ceremony to be held in Wyrm's Rock Audience Hall.
Primer on Calimshan 
[A primer on the local Calimsham dialects covered in clumsy notes.]

You want to stroll down Calimport's bustling streets, duck down a brada alleyway and breathe in the smell of asarth from the kitchenbacks? Want to be nodded to in respect as an alimarifi by the locals? Well, read on, noble traveller of tongues, to learn what linguistic wonders await in the Shining Lands! [...]

Urgent Report for Duke Ravengard (Sealed) 
Grand Duke Ravengard, Eyes Only

After marching west from Moonrise Towers, the Absolute's forces took Anga Vled and then split into two wings. One wing, consisting mainly of bugbears and human mercenaries and brigands, has remained north of the Chionthar and is traveling west on the Skuldask Road, threatening Tempus's Tears, which by the time you read this has probably already fallen.

The second wing, mostly goblins of the Seven Tribes bolstered by hobgoblins, crossed to the southern bank of the river and is marching west past Sunrise Spire, ultimately threatening Rivington and Wyrm's Crossing.

Both wings are commanded by cadres of renegade drow officers, easily identifiable during daylight hours by their broad-brimmed shade hats. There are notably fewer of these officers in the ramshackle southern wing, and I think the goblins would be vulnerable to ambush in the fields south of Rivington.

Post House Delivery Complaints 
[A log missing deliveries, turned to the most recent page.]

Arbuckle Nit - broadsheet delivery never arrived - mildly irked

Mungo Frigglebottom - Eltorchul Academy tuition fees notices - would prefer these letters 'stay lost'

Mystic Carrion - funeral invitations - 'won't be caught dead using such a second rate service again'

Thurstwell Vanthampur - Iron Flask - 'Do you know who my parents are? I swear...'

Note: any letters marked 'Postmaster Shipment Enquiry' that are found and retrieved UNOPENED will be much appreciated - Danzo

Address Book 
[A collection of postal addresses for notable cityfolk.]

Alan Alyth: Elfsong Tavern, Eastway
Allandra Grey: Water Queen's House, The Steeps (note: ONLY send couriers with Water Breathing potions to hand)
Bloris Meadhoney: Counting House, The Steeps
Captain Grisly (real name? unlikely): Blushing Mermaid (note: warn couriers - armed postfolk don't oft return)
Cora Highberry: Large abode opposite Baldur's Mouth, Heapside
Ettvard Needle: Baldur's Mouth, Heapside (note: has requested full time courier for Mouth shipping)
Father Lorgan (note: Deceased, address post to Rector Yannis): Open Hand Temple, Rivington
Figaro Pennygood: Facemaker's Fashion, near Upper City Gates
Havkelaag (note: has 'philosophical objection' to postal service, address to Golbraith to get anything done): The Society of Brilliance Lodge, The Steeps
Lady Jannath: Jannath Estate Mansion, near Upper City Gates
Lorroakan: Ramazith's Tower, The Wide (note: ALL post to be directed via Sorcerous Sundries, Heapside)
Mamzell Amira: Sharess' Caress, Wyrm's Crossing
Manip Nestor: Flaming Fist Barracks, Basilisk Gate (note: recent reassignment to Rivington) Vicar Humbletoes: Stormshore Tabernacle, Eastway

Employee Pay Log 
[The pay slips of all the employees of the Post-House. Dringo's pay is marked 'docked two copper pieces at Mar'hyah's request'.]

Back Room[edit | edit source]

Life of Beaky 
The pigeons in service of the communicators of this city deserve far more renown than that which is afforded to them. Take Beaky, for example - a pigeon, aged ten, a great-great-great grandfather, and a noble upholder of his tremendous duties.

Orange of beak and charcoal of wing, rare is the Baldurian who has not glimpsed the flash of his wing darting hither and fro across our fair city. Beaky has carried Duke's writs, marriage announcements, emergency notices, and more with nary a complaint from his coo-ing beak. Who among us can claim a more stalwart dedication to so important a profession?

Post-House Dog's Log 
[This log of courier hounds is matted with dried saliva and dog hair.]


- No fleas, lots of knotting though

- Coat matted

- Breath smells

- BIG bark still

- Good boy


- good girl as always

- No coat matting

- Scratches occasionally (note: check for fleas later)


- Still gone

- Miss you, boy

Upstairs Area[edit | edit source]

To Lord Haverford Gist 
To the Honourable Lord Haverford Gist,

Your reputation as a charitable nobleman is renowned far beyond the walls of Baldur's Gate - those walls that would preserve my family from the rage of the Absolute cult, could we but gain admittance. However, the Flaming Fist at the South Span of Wyrm's Crossing are adamant in their refusal to let us in. I beg you to please use your influence to send a message to them allowing our passage. We would owe you our undying gratitude - and if you were in need of an experienced scribe, I would be willing to work for only the most nominal wages.

Scribe Gallaher Brym, in Rivington

To Hiring Manager, Steel Watch Foundry 
Greetings, I'm an experienced forge assistant, currently stuck in Rivington but I expect to get into the city soon. When I do, I hope you'll grant me an interview at your famous foundry because I'm going to need work and I'm really very good at hammering and, you know, tonging. Anyway, don't forget me, I'll be coming around shortly so you can see if you want to hire me.

- Enry 'Tongs' Buxter

Form H, Refusal of Admittance 
Petitioner Name Here:

The Flaming Fist Company regrets to inform you that your request to enter Baldur's Gate has been denied. This is due to (check all that apply):

- evasive answers to routine questions

- suspected cult affiliation

- lack of visible means of support

Denied petitioners may reapply after a tenday, but too-frequent reapplication is considered harassment and subject to penalty.

To Lily Chazman, Provoss Academy 
Dear Lily,

Dadders and I can't believe our luck in getting you admitted to Provoss as a boarding student just before this refugee crisis sealed the city gates. It cost two arms and a leg, but if it keeps you inside the Gate's walls until the danger is past, it's worth whatever we had to pay.

Now, don't worry about your parents, we're safe enough in Rivington as long as the Steel Watch is here to protect us. And whatever happens, whatever you hear, don't take it into your head to leave the city. Knowing that you're safe at the academy is what keeps us going every day, and we'll get through this, you know we will. Helm bless and keep you, Lily.

- Mommers

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Sword Coast Couriers Key, which opens the back set of doors, can be found behind the building. It is hidden between a stack of hay bales and some pigeon cages.