Ettvard Needle

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Ettvard Needle is the human editor in chief for the Baldur's Mouth Gazette, found in their main building; the Baldur's Mouth, Lower City. He claims to be close with Lord Gortash and abuses his position of power in journalism to print propaganda for him.

Talking to Ettvard will start the quest Stop the Presses if the player hadn't already started it elsewhere. After conversing with him, Ettvard will call the guards to evict the party from the Baldur's Mouth, which will make the entire building a restricted area, making it harder to complete the quest. The quest will also ONLY become time sensitive after the player has spoken to Ettvard.

If Gortash is dead, Ettvard will lose interest in the player and will exclusively publish articles about Gortash's death, which makes the quest Stop the Presses unavailable. Ettvard will even call you "old news" and shoo you away (this does not make the building a restricted area).

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