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The Astral Plane is a location in the Astral Sea.

Astral Sea map in Act I

Act One[edit | edit source]

The view looking southeast from the starting area of Astral Plane

During The Githyanki Warrior in Crèche Y'llek, you may choose to use the Planecaster to enter the Mysterious Artefact. Doing so will bring you to the Astral Plane, where you will meet your Dream Guardian and learn that they are living there.

Act 3[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of Act Three, your party will set up camp in Wyrm's Lookout. During the night, you will be attacked by some githyanki monks, and will have three turns to escape through the nearby portal to the Astral Plane.

Astral Sea map in Act III

In the Astral Plane, you will meet your Dream Guardian in its true form, the mind flayer The Emperor. You have the option to join its fight against the monks. If you side with it, it'll explain its history and you'll meet Prince Orpheus. The Emperor will give you an Astral-Touched Tadpole and offer to help you evolve into a mind flayer.

A portal will open back to Wyrm's Lookout on the Material Plane. This will return you to your campsite in Wyrm's Lookout. Once you leave camp, you'll come to Rivington.

Environment[edit | edit source]

Entering the Astral Plane imparts the condition Astral Gravity on all characters in your party.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • ”The Astral Plane was designed from the ground up, building upon descriptions that characterise it as an amorphous, otherworldly location, It would need to be a strange, void-like realm visually unlike anything else in the game - fantastical even next to other fantasy environments. Our final design settled on a backdrop of bright nebulae and the remains of a dead god as our visual centrepiece.” Quote from the Digital Artbook.

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