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I am the smile of the worm-cleansed skull. I am the regrets of those who remain, and the restlessness of those who are gone. I am the haunt of mausoleums, the god of graves and age, of dust and dusk. I am Myrkul, Lord of Bones, and you have slain my chosen. But it is no matter. For I am Death. And I am not the end - I am a beginning.
— Myrkul

Myrkul, also known as the Lord of Bones, is the God of Death and a member of the Dead Three. He is associated with the domain of Death. Myrkul cannot be the deity of a player Cleric.

Revelations[edit | edit source]

Act Two[edit | edit source]

Ico knownSpells lvl 02.png Act 2 Spoilers! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

Ketheric Thorm is revealed to be Myrkul's Chosen. In the Mind Flayer Colony underneath Moonrise Towers, Ketheric Thorm is accompanied by Lord Enver Gortash and Orin the Red. Using his Netherese Stone, the Testament of Myrkul, he issues the order to the Netherbrain to march the Absolute's armies on Baldur's Gate.

When confronting Ketheric Thorm, he will reveal that Myrkul resurrected his daughter Isobel in exchange for becoming his Chosen and aiding Bane and Bhaal's chosen with growing the Cult of the Absolute and eventually betraying them to take control over it.

After Ketheric Thorm is defeated; either by battle or passing a persuasion check, he will inform the Party that Myrkul has come and throws himself off the platform. Myrkul angered by the Party, possesses Ketheric's body to become the Apostle of Myrkul to deal with them.

When the Apostle of Myrkul is defeated its body disintegrates and reverts back to Ketheric Thorm, reappearing on the platform. He begs Myrkul for aid but Myrkul does not respond to his pleas.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Myrkul was originally available as a deity for Cleric in Early Access, but the option was cut in the full release of the game.
    • Much of the dialogue a Cleric of Myrkul has remains intact, and can be accessed with mods.
  • Myrkul is allies with Bane and Bhaal.

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