Acquire the Gauntlets for Helsik

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Helsik needs powerful gauntlets to move her stock.

Acquire the Gauntlets for Helsik is a quest in Act Three of Baldur's Gate 3. It can be started by speaking to Helsik in Devil's Fee.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Reach the House of Hope.
  • Helsik the diabolist said she will help us reach the House of Hope if we steal a powerful artefact for her while we're there: Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength. We agreed to the deal. She gave us a note with precise instructions - we should follow them in the ritual room upstairs.
Find and steal the gauntlets for Helsik.
  • We made it to the House of Hope. We should keep an eye out for the gauntlets that Helsik wants.
Return to Helsik with the gauntlets.
  • We stole the gauntlets. We should give them to Helsik as promised when we leave the House of Hope.
Quest Complete
  • We gave Helsik the gauntlets, upholding our side of the deal.
  • Helsik was defeated. She won't be needing the gauntlets anymore.
  • We decided to keep the gauntlets for ourselves, deciding not to uphold our side of the deal.
  • We decided to keep the gauntlets for ourselves, but to uphold our side of the deal, we paid her in gold instead.
  • We failed to uphold our side of the deal with Helsik. We must press on.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The Devil's Fee[edit | edit source]

Once the party is aware of Helsik, they can find her at the Devil's Fee. Inquiring about Helsik being a diabolist has her revealing that her true business is not in information or hellish curious. She is Mammon's Picklock, Latchkeeper of the Nine Hells. She breaks people into the Hells, for a cost. With a successful Persuasion check (DC 20), she waives the fee in lieu of the Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength, which starts this quest.

The placement of the ritual items in the circle.

Striking a deal with Helsik, she gives the party all the tools needed to open a portal to Hell. This includes a Grimoire Bound in Imp Skin, Opening a Gate to Hell, and a Ritual Pouch with all the necessary items. Go upstairs in the Devil's Fee to find a circle in blood. Read the Grimoire Bound in Imp Skin to learn the ritual, then place the ritual items in the correct areas. Starting from the point closest to Helsik's diary and going clockwise:

  • Skull X: -35 Y: 6
  • Coin of Mammon X: -34 Y: 8
  • Empty spot
  • Diamond X: -30 Y: 7
  • Incense X: -29 Y: 4
  • Empty spot
  • Empty spot

Then, drop the Infernal Marble in the center of the circle and a portal to hell opens.

Meeting Hope[edit | edit source]

A map to the House of Hope.

Once inside the House of Hope, a strange dwarf will appear to greet the party. She believes the party is in great danger, and she herself is dealing with her jailers, but she can be convinced to stick around. Asking her who she is reveals she is Hope, and she is trapped in the prison. Only the Orphic Hammer can release her from her bonds. She explains that the party has to get past the Debtors and sneak to the Archive to get their contract. To aid the party, she gives them a Debtor's Disguise so that they can move about the House undetected.

The Archives[edit | edit source]

The Gauntlets in the Archive.

The Gauntlets are in the Archives, as one of Raphael's newest acquisitions. They are in the northernmost corner of the room X: -6548 Y: 2939. The platform the Gauntlets are on is rigged with a pressure plate, so they can either be swapped out with another pair of gauntlets or the trap can be disarmed before the item is stolen. Then, the party can sneak off, as with stealing anything.

If the party intends to steal either their Soul-Sworn Contract in Escape the Deal or the Orphic Hammer in Deal with the Devil/Save Hope, then disarming the trap and sneaking to steal the Gauntlets is unnecessary, as the alarm goes off anyways once the Hammer/Contract is taken. Simply take them before leaving the room after taking the item.

Returning to Helsik[edit | edit source]

Once the party has returned from Hell, Helsik demands the Gauntlets. They can be handed over, or the party can refuse. If they are handed over, they won't appear in Helsik's trading inventory, but they can be pickpocketed back. If the party refuses to hand them over, Helsik will no longer trade with the party. The party can also pay off the gold fee instead of handing over the Gauntlets.

Additionally you can try to deceive her (DC 10) by saying you don't have the Gauntlets. If you succeed she'll say that invalidates the bargain and demand payment for the trip. At this point you can tell her you're leaving with the Gauntlets, can't afford the fee or try to intimidate her (DC 10) by saying "I just killed a devil in his own home. You really don't want to test my patience". Intimidating her allows you to keep the Gauntlets and continue to trade with her.