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Hope wishes to be free after centuries of torment.

Save Hope is a Quest in Act Three of Baldur's Gate 3. It can be started by entering the House of Hope and speaking to Hope Hope.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Find the way to save Hope.
  • We met a strange spirit imprisoned in Raphael's home - named Hope, oddly enough. She mentioned an important hammer before disappearing abruptly. We should keep searching the House of Hope.
Steal the Orphic Hammer.
  • We agreed to free a spirit named Hope imprisoned in Raphael's home. To do so we need to find the Orphic Hammer deep within the Raphael's Archive.
Find Hope.
  • We retrieved the Orphic Hammer, but Raphael knows we're here. We should break Hope free before he returns home.
  • We agreed to free a spirit named Hope imprisoned in Raphael's home. We need to retrieve the Orphic Hammer to do so - but she recommended we find our diabolic contract first.
  • We destroyed our contract, but alerted Raphael to our presence. If we want to rescue Hope, we should do so before he returns home.
Free Hope from her imprisonment.
  • We found Hope's prison - now we just need the Orphic Hammer to break her chains.
Talk to Hope.
  • We freed Hope with the Orphic Hammer - we should check if she's okay.
Obtain the infernal contract.
  • Hope thanked us for freeing her, but now we need to get our contract and get out before Raphael returns home.
Escape the House of Hope.
  • We got our contact - now it's time to get out of the House of Hope.
  • Hope thanked us for freeing her - but to get her out of Raphael's home, we must slay the devil first.
Defeat Raphael.
  • We tried to take Hope from the House, but Raphael was waiting for us. Our only way of escaping is defeating the devil.
Bid farewell to Hope.
  • We defeated Raphael. We should ask Hope what she plans to do next.
Quest Complete
  • Hope is finally free. She plans to give true meaning to the name 'House of Hope'.
  • Hope hoped for nothing - we didn't retrieve the Orphic Hammer, and cannot return to get it.
  • Raphael doesn't tolerate betrayals - there's nothing left to save of Hope but ash.
  • Hope perished. We were unable to save her.
  • We failed to save Hope. We must press on.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Meeting Hope[edit | edit source]

A map to the House of Hope.

Once inside the House of Hope, a strange dwarf appears to greet the party. She believes the party are in great danger, and she herself is dealing with her jailers, but she can be convinced to stick around. Asking her who she is reveals she is Hope Hope, and she is trapped in the prison. Only the Orphic Hammer can release her from her bonds. She explains that the party has to get past the Debtors and sneak to the Archive to get their contract. To aid the party, she gives them a Debtor's Attire so that they can move about the House undetected.

If the party was given the Orphic Hammer by Raphael Raphael in exchange for the contract in Deal with the Devil Deal with the Devil, they can go to the prison and free Hope immediately. However, this makes the entire House of Hope hostile immediately.

The Archivist[edit | edit source]

Before entering the Archives, Hope appears once again to warn the party about the Archivist. She says the party must exploit his weakness to get by. Before she can fully explain, the party must pass either a Charisma, Intelligence, or Wisdom check to keep speaking to her. After passing the check, if asked how to deal with the Archivist, she says he fears authority figures. With a Persuasion check (DC 20), she says he particularly fears Verillius Receptor, a High Inquisitor of Zariel who has official permission to audit Raphael's collection. Verillius' true form is so ghastly and mind-scarring that she takes on guises when she comes to visit. The party can exploit this by pretending to be that guise. If Hope fails to get out the name, then a successful use of Detect Thoughts Detect Thoughts (DC 10) can be used on the Archivist Archivist to reveal the name as well.

The Archivist welcomes "Verillius" to the Archive.

Once inside, it is necessary to pass a Deception check (DC 15) to get the Archivist to fully believe in the ruse. Unfortunately, the Archivist cannot give access to the Orphic Hammer and the Soul-Sworn Contract, as it is surrounded by an impervious sphere. The sphere requires a magic code that only Raphael has. Instead, he refers the party to wait in the Boudoir until Raphael has returned. The Archivist can also relinquish the pass to the Boudoir by being intimidated (DC 25), or simply by pickpocketing him.

If the Archivist is not successfully deceived or intimidated, information on how to enter the Boudoir can be found in the Outer Portals room (X:-6441, Y:2920). Nubaldin Nubaldin is cleaning up the room. Speaking to him, he explains that he once ran the prisons, but was moved to the Outer Portals room after failing to prevent Enver Gortash Enver Gortash from escaping. If the party killed Gortash, they can tell him that they killed him, which delights Nubaldin. As a reward, Nubaldin explains a secret trick to get into the Boudoir - go next door to the balcony (X:-6446, Y:2936) and jump off the stones to enter the balcony of the Boudoir.

Jumping on the rocks here leads to the Boudoir's balcony.

The Boudoir[edit | edit source]

Upon entering the Boudoir, the party are accosted by an incubus named Haarlep Haarlep, who has been polymorphed into a perfect copy of Raphael. Haarlep asks why the party are there, but is already aware that they seek their contract. Haarlep will help the party out if they agree to "play a game" with him. Agreeing to play the "game" has the interacting party member taking off their clothes and Haarlep seducing them to give over their mind and body. The interacting party member can insist that just the body be taken, which Haarlep agrees to and tells them that they will always know when an orgasm is experienced in their form. Otherwise, giving over both mind and body results in a game over.

Refusing to play makes Haarlep hostile. Additionally, succeeding in a Constitution check (DC 25) during the "game" also makes him hostile. Defeating Haarlep makes him drop the location of Raphael's safe, as well as Helldusk Gloves Helldusk Gloves. The safe contains the magic phrase needed to steal the contract/hammer.

The location of Raphael's safe.

Raphael's magic phrase can be pilfered without the need to deal with Haarlep. Simply utilize Greater Invisibility Greater Invisibility, Supreme Sneak Supreme Sneak, regular sneaking or other skills to move towards the giant painting west of the bed. A successful perception check reveals that the painting is rigged with a trap. Disarm it (DC 20), then press the button below the painting. Lockpick the safe (DC 25) and take its content, then sneak off before Haarlep notices anything.

Escaping Hell[edit | edit source]

The Archivist is instantly aware if the Soul-Sworn Contract/Orphic Hammer is stolen. He states that the dinner bell has rung for Raphael and the party are the main course. Hope appears one last time to state that everything will be on fire once they leave the Archives. She pleads with the party one last time to come to the prison and smash her chains.

Smash the crystals with the Orphic Hammer to free Hope.

After leaving the Archive, the residents of the House of Hope turn hostile, including the Debtors and several Hell Spheres. On the way to the prison, the party can stop in the Boudoir and use the rejuvenation faucet (X:-6482, Y:2977) to heal. Hope's prison cell is on the eastern side of the House, in a hatch just south of the Outer Portals. Once inside, the party must fight against two Spectators and a large number of Vengeful Imps. Alternatively, there is a hole in the side of the prison's foundation, just outside the first door after the portal room; It allows the party to approach the enemies from one side of the area, so that one Spectator is fought at a time. The party must equip the Orphic Hammer and smash the two crystals to free Hope, who joins the party as a temporary companion.

Once Hope is freed, return to the entrance where the portal is located. Unfortunately, Raphael Raphael, Yurgir Yurgir, and Korrilla Korrilla are there waiting. Raphael, enraged, states that the deal is over and that none of the party members are getting out alive. Yurgir can be convinced to switch sides with a persuasion check (DC 30 if he was killed in Act Two), or he automatically switches sides if he helped the party find the House of Hope in the first place.

Rewards[edit | edit source]