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Go on. Drink, make it drank, be drunk. You and I both, to our good health.
— Thisobald offering a drink to an adventurer.

Thisobald Thorm is a unique intelligent Undead, the master brewer of the The Waning Moon. He is the son of Ketheric Thorm.

He stands near the bar in The Waning Moon and upon getting close a dialogue with him will automatically start. The currently played character will seat themselves at the bar and he will offer them a drink and ask them to tell a story.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

The party can speak with Thisobald at the Waning Moon to learn more about Ketheric's secrets. After drinking three times, Thisobald will start ranting.

When approached, the closest party member will sit down at the bar. Thisobald will tend the bar, and insist that you drink with him, and is docile unless refused, wherein he will immediately attack. Should you accept, you must succeed on a variety of Ability Saves and Skill Checks. The ultimate goal is to "outdrink" him so he may perhaps burst through over-indulgence.

There are three phases to each round of drinking, which are the Drinking phase, Story phase, and Questions phase. In the drinking phase, you can choose to either drink the brew or avoid drinking entirely by using Sleight of Hand. If you chose to drink and failed the Constitution Saving Throw, you will immediately become drunk and have Disadvantage on all the following saving throws, which is not ideal for this interaction if you do not wish to, or are not prepared for a fight. If you chose to use Sleight of Hand, the consequences for failure are more dire, as he will notice you are not drinking, and will become hostile.

After successfully drinking (DC 14) or faking (DC 18), he will ask you to tell a story, which is based on the events of your journey up to this point. Each story requires a Performance check. Should you fail the Performance check, you will be given one final chance by Thisobald to weave a better story, this time using Deception (DC 18). Should you refuse to tell a story or fail the Deception check, he becomes hostile.

If you succeed in either circumstance, you will be able to ask Thisobald several questions pertaining to himself and Ketheric Thorm.

A second round of drinking begins, this time requiring Constitution (DC 16) or Sleight of Hand (DC 18) to succeed. He will then request that you tell him more stories, this time involving blood spill. Each of these require a Performance check, and you will very likely always have a great number to choose from depending on what major events you have encountered. The more you explored and completed, the more choices are available.

The final round of drinking requires Constitution (DC 18) or Sleight of Hand (DC 21) to succeed. There is no need to tell stories or ask questions.

(The following stories can be told during the first drink (not all listed):)
  • Player: From aboard a mind flayer vessel, I've witnessed the Hells themselves. (DC 21)
  • Player: I gazed upon nature's bounties in a verdant grove of druids. (DC 18)
  • Player: I've seen the goblins' vile rituals with my own eyes. (DC 18)
  • Player: I ascended a great tower infused with the most powerful of magic. (DC 16)
  • Player: I explored a lost fortress buried deep in the Underdark's bowels. (DC 16)
  • Player: WARLOCK I made a deal with a creature of purest sin, and took its power as my own.
    • (He reveals the following Information on the first drink)
    • Player: Who placed the curse on this land?
      • Thisobald: Father Ketheric created. Father Ketheric sustains.
    • Player: How did you become... What you are now?
      • Thisobald: Father Ketheric's laughter. Not joy, not ever-never. Only laughter.
(The following stories can be told during the second drink (not all listed):)
  • Player: I ripped apart winged Imps spawned from the fires of Avernus. (DC 21)
  • Player: An owlbear mother lunged at me. I slaughtered it in reply. (DC 18)
  • Player: I conquered infamous hobgoblin Dror Ragzlin and his minions. (DC 18)
  • Player: I slayed a hideous, pustule-ridden hag. She died a gruesome death. (DC 16)
  • Player: I challenged a daunting Phase Spider. Its corpse is all that remains. (DC 16)
  • Player: A Bulette made me its prey, but proved no match for me. (DC 16)
  • Player: A towering creature rose from molten lava. I felled it with great wit and might. (DC 16)
  • Player: I bested an inquisitor - a dreaded champion of the Lich Queen, Vlaakith. (DC 16)
    • (He reveals the following Information on the second drink)
    • Player: How do the Thorms sustain the shadows?
      • Thisobald: The spirit of the land.
    • Player: What can you tell me about Ketheric?
      • Thisobald: Father. Father is father. Eternal, invincible, forever, except not.
    • Player: What do you mean? How can I defeat Ketheric?
      • Thisobald: No. You must not, can not, will not mention her. The customer is always right, but also wrong.
(You will not need to tell another story after the third drink, and will not be able to ask more questions. Before his stomach bursts open, killing him, he will say one final thing, adding one more piece to the puzzle)
  • Thisobald: I - I know you. I knew, I know, I am knowing. You want father's personal mysterious - (secret) - secret. No, not, never! Father said, ordered, commanded. Don't say it, don't say it! The cage. "Her" cage. Talk and... perish, die, buried. Buried in Thorm tomb. Father told me. I can't perish - no, nay, neither. Too strong, too...
    • (End of dialogue)

Loot[edit | edit source]

Thisobald will drop several bottles of alcohol and some alchemical ingredients.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Thisobald's kinship with Ketheric is not quite clear. Though Thisobald refers to Ketheric as "father", neither Ketheric nor Isobel ever acknowledge him in dialogue or otherwise. Given that Ketheric and Balthazar have desecrated the Thorm mausoleum and resurrected Isobel, it's possible that Thisobald is another resurrected relative and refers to Ketheric as father not in the familial sense, but as a religious leader or perhaps even "creator".
  • While he mostly has the general shape of a humanoid - albeit extremely bloated - Thisobald Thorm has four legs and a tail, akin to a centaur. It is unknown whether this deformity occurred before his transformation as an undead, or afterwards.
  • It is sometimes possible to tell Thisobald that you killed the mother owlbear even if you didn't. This line seems to also be available if you talked the owlbear down using Speak with Animals and it died later on its own.
  • Taking each opportunity to use Sleight of Hand to pretend to drink, and succeeding on all of them, grants Inspiration to a character with the Charlatan background.

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