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Haarlep is an Incubus who can be found in the House of Hope. Employed by Raphael to satisfy his desires, they can be found in Raphael's personal chambers.[note 1] Haarlep can be engaged with, in which case they will provide valuable information in exchange for a fiendish sexual encounter. Alternatively, they can be fought, skipping the sexual encounter but losing access to the information.
Why are you here, little thief?
— Haarlep

Overview[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Haarlep is an incubus that can be found on Raphael's bed in the House of Hope. Sent by Mephistopheles to distract his naughty son, they serve as the devil's main sexual partner, indulging him in his fantasies.

True to their devil nature, Haarlep will quickly spot any trespassers and see through any form of deception. They will quickly ascertain the situation and offer the party the information they seek, in exchange for a brief sexual encounter. If the offer is accepted, and Haarlep has their way with one party member, they will reward them. If, during the encounter, the party member resists, or the invitation is turned down outright, Haarlep will fight them instead. Speak with Dead can then be used to acquire the information that Haarlep offered.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • Haarlep is a level 9 Incubus
  • They appear only in Act 3 of the game in the House of Hope
  • Haarlep can have a sexual encounter with a party member or be fought for their items
  • In combat, they behave similarly to regular Cambions, though they are unarmed

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Act Three[edit | edit source]

Haarlep can be found on Raphael's bed in his boudoir. When approached, they will inquire as to what the party is doing. Any form of deception is quickly seen through, and the party must be honest or otherwise Haarlep will become irritated and start a fight.

Intrigued, Haarlep will offer valuable information that will aid the party on one condition: one of them must "play" with Haarlep. If the invitation is accepted, Haarlep will command them to undress and lay on the bed. Before continuing, Haarlep will ask whether you prefer their male or female form (responding that it doesn't matter causes them to stay in the feminine form).

With the party member on the bed, Haarlep then initiates sex with them. The party member can either surrender to Haarlep or resist via a DC 18 Wisdom check or DC 18 Performance check. Even with a success, Haarlep's charm is too much and the party member must choose: surrender or fight. If they choose the latter, Haarlep will be disappointed and commence the fight. If surrendered, Haarlep will continue to have their way with the party member and attempt to make them theirs.

The party member is now presented with a final choice. They can surrender their body, but not their mind, in which case Haarlep will continue. Haarlep will then invite the party member to surrender their body one last time: if rejected, a fight ensues; if accepted, Haarlep will finish and assume the party member's form, adding their likeness to their shapeshifting repertoire. As thanks, Haarlep will provide Key From Raphael's Safe, letting the party know that Raphael's secret safe is behind the painting of himself. Haarlep will then depart, informing the party member that from then on, they will periodically be able to feel it when Haarlep sleeps with others using their likeness.

Alternatively, the party member may surrender their body and soul, in which case Haarlep will consume their soul, resulting in a game over if the character was the main character.

Finally, the party member may resist via a successful DC 25 Constitution check, in which case they will throw Haarlep off them and begin a fight.

If Haarlep is killed, they can be spoken to with Speak with Dead. Haarlep reveals to them that the safe containing the information they seek is in a safe behind Raphael's "vanity", which is the painting on the leftside of Raphael's bed. The Key From Raphael's Safe can be looted from Haarlep's body to open the safe.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Haarlep can be fought by rejecting their invitation to play outright or resisting their advances. On combat start, they will summon six Vengeful Imps to assist them in the fight.

If battle was initiated by resisting Haarlep after having begun the sexual encounter, the party member who took off their clothes will begin the fight without any of their weapons or equipment, having only their underwear equipped.

The fight itself isn't too daunting, though it can become annoying due to Haarlep's passive ability. When attacked, Haarlep can cast Ethereal Escape as a reaction, allowing them to prevent further damage until the start of their next turn. It can be helpful to inflict a condition on them that prevents reactions (such as dazed, paralysis, or knocking them prone), although Shocking Grasp is ineffective. Alternatively, baiting out an Attack of Opportunity will consume their reaction. Offensively, they will use Claws.

The imps themselves are not too troublesome as they have low health, however, they will continuously cast Eldritch Blast which can push characters off the boudoir's balcony via Repelling Blast. It's best to deal with them quickly via AoE spells and focus on Haarlep later.

Enemy allies[edit | edit source]

Spells and abilities[edit | edit source]

Generic Physical.webp

Lash out with deadly claws. Action

Generic Ethereal.webp

When damaged, the Incubus escapes to the Ethereal Plane. He returns to the battlefield at the start of his next turn. Reaction

Fiendish Charm.webp

Charmed Charm a humanoid to support you in battle for 3 turns. An afflicted target can repeat the saving throw each time they take damage. Action

Loot[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Companion approval[edit | edit source]

  • Gale Gale approves if playing as Astarion, one surrenders their body, but not their mind and then rejects Haarlep.
  • Karlach Karlach disapproves of removing ones clothes.
  • Karlach Karlach disapproves of letting go of control of the body.
  • Lae'zel Lae'zel disapproves of letting go of control of the body.
  • Astarion Astarion disapproves of removing ones clothes.
  • Astarion Astarion disapproves of letting go of control of the body.
  • Gale Gale disapproves of removing ones clothes.
  • Gale Gale disapproves of letting go of control of the body.
  • Jaheira Jaheira disapproves of removing ones clothes.
  • Jaheira Jaheira disapproves of letting go of control of the body.
  • Wyll Wyll disapproves of removing ones clothes.
  • Wyll Wyll disapproves of letting go of control of the body.
  • Minthara Minthara disapproves of removing ones clothes.
  • Minthara Minthara disapproves of letting go of control of the body.
  • Minsc Minsc disapproves of letting go of control of the body.

Note: Not all companions have been tested.

Speak with Dead[edit | edit source]

Haarlep can be spoken to with Speak with Dead.

Party member: Who are you?

  • Haarlep: Haarlep... Incubus... sworn to Raphael.

Party member: How did you end up here?

  • Haarlep: Sent by Mephistopheles... distract naughty son.

Party member: Did Raphael prefer to be on top or beneath you?

  • Haarlep: Below... never on top... never.

Party member: How do I reach the Orphic Hammer?

  • Haarlep: Safe... Secrets.

Party member: Where does Raphael keep his secrets?

  • Haarlep: Hidden behind... his... vanity.

Party member: Did you ever turn into forms besides Raphael's?

  • Haarlep: Raphael... loves... only... Raphael.

Party member: Does Raphael have any weaknesses in battle?

  • Narrator: *The corpse remains silent. It does not know.*

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Though in-game dialogue refers to Haarlep as male and as an incubus, it's never explicitly stated by them what their preference is. Game files alternate between using "he/him" and "they/them" for Haarlep as well, and given that Forgotten Realms lore is not clear on whether incubi are a separate, male-only race apart from succubi, or if only succubi exist that are able to shapeshift to a male form, this articles uses "they/them" to refer to Haarlep.
  • Sleeping with Haarlep will not have any negative repercussions on any current romance.
  • Sleeping with Haarlep will lock the party out of gaining the Helldusk Gloves, and potentially gain them a humorous line at the end of the House of Hope in trade - when prompted for a question after the scene, ask Haarlep if Raphael is any good in bed, and a mocking response will be available when Raphael asks if you have any last words.
  • The name "Haarlep" is an anagram of Raphael.

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