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SG_Surface is a status group.

List of conditions in SG_Surface[edit source]

Condition Effects

Acid (Condition) Acid

Auntie Ethel's Special Brew (Condition) Auntie Ethel's Special Brew

Brewed-Up Bellyglummer (Condition) Brewed-Up Bellyglummer

Burning (Condition) Burning

  • Takes 1d4Damage TypesFire damage per turn.
  • Can be removed with the Help Help action, using a Healing Type Potion or gaining Wet Wet.
  • Immune from if Wet Wet.
  • Dip Dip action can be used on Burning characters and/or objects.

Burning Acid (Condition) Burning Acid

  • The hatchery waters burn through all those who'd intrude upon it.

Burning Fiercely (Condition) Burning Fiercely

  • Takes 1d10Damage TypesFire damage per turn.

Caustic Brine (Condition) Caustic Brine

  • Takes 1d4Damage TypesAcid damage per turn.

Chilled (Condition) Chilled

Cloudkill (Condition) Cloudkill

  • While it remains in the cloud, affected entity takes 5d8Damage TypesPoison damage every turn.

Constricted (Condition) Constricted

Difficult Terrain: Vines (Condition) Difficult Terrain: Vines

Drenched (Condition) Drenched

  • Your melee attacks inflict Wet Wet on the target.

Electrocuted (Condition) Electrocuted

  • Takes 1d4Damage TypesLightning damage at the start of each turn.

Entangled (Condition) Entangled

Enwebbed (Condition) Enwebbed

Green Bed Regeneration (Condition) Green Bed Regeneration

Haste Spores (Condition) Haste Spores

Holy Fire (Condition) Holy Fire

  • Takes 1~4Damage TypesRadiant damage per turn.

Icy Cloud (Condition) Icy Cloud

  • A sheet of frigid air dealing 10d6Damage TypesCold to all that walk through it.
  • Affected entities can make a DC 16  Constitution saving throw to take half damage instead.

Infernal Burning (Condition) Infernal Burning

Melting (Condition) Melting

  • Takes 10d6Damage TypesFire damage per turn.

Noxious Fumes (Bibberbang) (Condition) Noxious Fumes

  • Affected entity takes 1d4Damage TypesPoison each turn. It must succeed a Constitution saving throw or take an additional 2d4Damage TypesPoison, taking half damage in a success.

Oily Sup (Condition) Oily Sup

Plant Growth (Condition) Plant Growth

  • The ground is covered with plants and weeds. Movement Speed is quartered.

Poisoned (Suspicious Poison) (Condition) Poisoned

Poisoned (Condition) Poisoned

Poisonous Fumes (Condition) Poisonous Fumes

Regeneration (Condition) Regeneration

The Wood Woad regains 10hit points if it walks through a vine surface, unless it recently took Damage TypesFire damage.

Roiling Hellfire (Condition) Roiling Hellfire

D6 Fire.png 6d6 (6~36) Damage TypesFire damage
  • Flames from the heart of Avernus engulf this entity, inflicting 6d6Damage TypesFire damage per turn.

Shadow-Cursed Vines (Condition) Shadow-Cursed Vines

Spike Growth (Condition) Spike Growth

  • Take 2d4Damage TypesPiercing for every 1.5 m / 5 ft moved on the spikes.

Stench of Death (Condition) Stench of Death

  • Affected entity reeks of decaying matter, a sour greenish smell like a waft of unkept tombs.

Weavebound Vines (Condition) Weavebound Vines

  • Vines crafted from the very Weave itself - a most unorthodox enchantment.
  • Incapacitates the affected entity. Dispelled when the entity is attacked.

Wet (Condition) Wet