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BringIntoCombat is a status property.

List of conditions with BringIntoCombat[edit source]

Condition Effects

Ability Drain: Dexterity (Condition) Ability Drain: Dexterity

Ability Drain: Strength (Condition) Ability Drain: Strength

Confused (Condition) Confused

  • Affected entity is hostile to everyone, wanders around aimlessly, and occasionally skips turns in its stupor

Crown of Madness (Condition) Crown of Madness

  • Instilled with magical madness. Will attack the nearest creature, other than the spellcaster.

Demonspirit Madness (Condition) Demonspirit Madness

  • Affected entity has been driven to a frenzy by magical madness. It will attack the nearest creature on its turn.
  • At the end of each turn, the affected entity makes a DC 13  Wisdom saving throw. On a successful save, the condition is removed.

Eyebite: Sickened (Condition) Eyebite: Sickened

Harm (Condition) Harm

  • Affected entity's maximum Hit Points have been reduced by the damage inflicted by the Harm spell
  • This condition is a Disease

Hellfire Curse (Condition) Hellfire Curse

Houndmaster's Prey (Condition) Houndmaster's Prey

Hunter's Mark Quarry (Condition) Hunter's Mark Quarry

  • Affected entity suffers an additional 1d6Damage TypesWeapon damage if the spellcaster hits it with a weapon attack.

Lured (Condition) Lured

  • Attracted to a harpy's luring melody. The affected entity will use its turn to move closer to the harpy, allowing her to make multiple attacks each turn.
  • Affected target gets a DC 13  Wisdom saving throw on their turn.
  • Being attacked or Shoved will remove the condition.

Madness (Condition) Madness

  • Hostile to everyone in the vicinity.

Phantasmal Force (Condition) Phantasmal Force

Haunted by an echo of the last thing that attacked them.

  • Takes 1d6Damage TypesPsychic damage each turn.
  • When the target takes damage from another source, Phantasmal Force changes to that damage type.
  • At the end of each turn, the target makes an Intelligence saving throw. On a success, the condition ends.

Rampart Aura (Condition) Rampart Aura

Sapping Curse (Condition) Sapping Curse

This cursed energy drains vitality of anyone who dares get closer.

  • Any creature within range of the affected entity gains the condition Vitality Drain, and takes 4d6+4Damage TypesNecrotic per turn. Take half damage on succeeding DC Wisdom saving throw.
  • Target is cursed.

Searing Smite (Condition) Searing Smite

Shar-Stricken (Condition) Shar-Stricken

  • The Lady of Loss Hexes Hexes you, causing a temporary lapse in your agility.

Shocking Grasp (Condition) Shocking Grasp

Singing Sword: Shriek (Condition) Singing Sword: Shriek

  • Affected entity has D4 Piercing.png 1d4 penalty to all[See Notes] Saving throws. When it is attacked, it takes an additional 1d4Damage TypesThunder damage.

Static Discharge Aura (Condition) Static Discharge Aura

  • All constructs near Bernard deal an additional 1d6+2Damage TypesLightning to weapon attacks. All others take 2d8Damage TypesLightning each turn.
  • When the condition ends, Bernard is Stunned Stunned for 2 turns.

Vitality Drain (Condition) Vitality Drain

The dead girl's Sapping Curse is draining your vitality.

  • Affected entity takes takes 4d6+4Damage TypesNecrotic per turn. Take half damage on succeeding a DC Wisdom saving throw.
  • Doubled movement cost.

Wild Magic: Burning (Condition) Wild Magic: Burning

  • Takes 1d6Damage TypesFire damage at the start of each turn.