Blessed Healer

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Blessed Healer is a Life Domain Cleric passive feature that heals the Cleric whenever it heals someone other than itself for 2 + the spell's levelhit points.


Healing others heals you as well.

When you cast a healing spell of Level 1 or higher on another creature, you regain hit points equal to 2 + the spell's levelhit points.

How to learn


Used by creatures: Hope


  • This applies to spells that heal both the caster and someone else, such as Mass Healing Word Mass Healing Word.
  • Healing spells that target multiple allies will heal the caster for each target that is healed.


  • (As of Hotfix #11, possible Bug) Blessed Healer seems to activate on much more sources of Healing than the tooltip indicates:
    • Healing Spells of Level 1 and higher that target only the user will trigger both Disciple of Life Disciple of Life and Blessed Healer (for a total of 4 + 2 * Spell Level).
    • Healing magic that does not have a level (such as the Channel Divinity Preserve Life Preserve Life, the cantrip Selûne's Dream Selûne's Dream and the Paladin class action Lay on Hands Lay on Hands) is treated as level 0, and the caster restores 2 HP to themselves.
    • Healing potions (of all strengths) are treated as level 1 (whether consumed or thrown), and the caster restores an additional 3 HP to themselves.