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Divine Intervention is a Cleric one-time free action that can perform one of several large-scale actions.


Call upon your deity in your moment of greatest need. Once they interfere, your deity will never do so again in this manner.

The caster can only use this feature once in their adventure.


 Range: Self


When using Divine Intervention, you have four options to choose from.

Action DivineIntervention Attack.png

Sunder the Heretical[edit | edit source]

Call upon your deity to bring forth a radiant cataclysm upon all nearby enemies.

This ability deals 8d10 Radiant damage to all enemies in a 50 ft (15 m) radius. Targets can succeed on a Wisdom saving throw to take half damage.

Action DivineIntervention Heal.png

Opulent Revival[edit | edit source]

Resurrect fallen companions with half their hit points, and restore all nearby allies as if they had Long Rested.

This ability applies to allies within a 60 ft (18 m) radius.

Action DivineIntervention Weapon.png

Arm Thy Servant[edit | edit source]

Call upon your deity to grant you a legendary weapon forged in the fires of your holy bond.

This ability creates a legendary mace in the cleric's inventory and immediately equips it.

If you respec your cleric, the Devotee's Mace does not go away. If you have multiple cleric characters, or use Withers to respec a character who otherwise would not be a cleric, you can get multiple copies of the Devotee's Mace.

Action DivineIntervention Supplies.png

Golden Generosity[edit | edit source]

Call upon your deity to provide you with a rich bounty of potions and Camp Supplies.

This ability spawns a chest Bestowed Bounty on the ground next to the cleric, containing Camp Supplies, superior or supreme healing potions, and six to seven elixirs. If you re-spec your cleric, the Bestowed Bounty chest will vanish, but any items that were inside it will drop on the ground in the same location.

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A character cannot use Divine Intervention more than once, even by respecing. However, you can use respecing to get Divine Intervention a number of times equal to the number of characters you have available, since each character may use it once. Both Arm Thy Servant and Golden Generosity can be used outside of combat and the items they create stick around indefinitely (although, of course, the items created by Golden Generosity are consumable).

The items generated in the Bestowed Bounty are tied to each save. The first cast of Bestowed Bounty on a save will always give the same items, the second a different set, and so on. This means that save-scumming to get a better roll on the chest is not possible.

The base value of the Devotee's Mace, created by Arm Thy Servant, is 640 gold. It costs 200 gold to respec a character into a cleric, create the Devotee's Mace, and then change back (or to recruit a hireling and respec them into a cleric). You could use this as a source of cash, if you were somehow running low on funds at level 10.

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Bestowed Bounty[edit | edit source]

The Bestowed Bounty chest will contain food, healing potions, and various elixirs. The following is the list of items that can be in the Bestowed Bounty chest.

Guaranteed food[edit | edit source]

The chest always contains these items.

Item Quantity Chance
Esmeltar Red 1 Always
Water 1 Always
Haggis 1 Always

Food table 1[edit | edit source]

The chest will contain one roll from this table.

Item Quantity Chance
Pastry Tart 1 1/3
Pizza 1 1/3
Fruit Porridge 1 1/3

Food table 2[edit | edit source]

The chest will contain one roll from this table.

Item Quantity Chance
Baldurian Mash 1 1/6
Paella 1 1/6
Chelo Khoresh 1 1/6
Poutine 1 1/6
Dinner 1 1/6
Turkey 1 1/6

Dessert table[edit | edit source]

The chest will contain two rolls from this table.

Item Quantity Chance
Sunmelon Half 1 1/5
Purple Grapes 1 1/5
Green Grapes 1 1/5
Coffee 1 1/5
Pastry Roll 1 1/5

Healing potions table[edit | edit source]

The chest will contain 2 - 4 rolls on this table.

Item Quantity Chance
Potion of Superior Healing 1 3/5
Potion of Supreme Healing 1 2/5

Misc potions table[edit | edit source]

The chest will contain six or seven rolls on this table.

Item Quantity Chance
Potion of Speed 1 1/9
Potion of Invisibility 1 1/9
Potion of Flying 1 1/9
Elixir of Universal Resistance 1 1/9
Remedial Potion 1 1/9
Elixir of Barkskin 1 1/9
Elixir of Cloud Giant Strength 1 1/9
Elixir of Heroism 1 1/9
Supreme Elixir of Arcane Cultivation 1 1/9