Destructive Wrath

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Destructive Wrath is a Reaction available to Tempest Domain Clerics. This ability allows these Clerics to deal maximum damage when dealing Thunder or Lightning damage.


When you roll Damage TypesThunder or Damage TypesLightning damage, you can use your Channel Divinity to deal maximum damage instead.


Channel Divinity Charge

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Prior to patch 3 this ability would maximize all damage types of a given attack and any addon bonuses. For instance it would maximize the physical damage of Thunderous Smite as well as the Thunder Damage AND the Radiant Damage of Divine Smite if it was procced. This has since been fixed, it now only applies to Thunder and Lightning damage types.

As of Patch 5 this ability will prompt if the player wants to use it before the attack roll is made, rather than when rolling for damage. This means a character may waste this ability on an attack that misses the target.

This ability is bugged when used with the spell Glyph of Warding: Lightning. A divinity charge will be lost but the damage roll will proceed as if the ability would not have been used.

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