Evocation School

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Evocation spells focus elemental energy into powerful attacks and enchantments. Those who specialise in this school are known as evokers.

Evocation School Subclass Icon.png

Evocation School is one of the Subclasses of Wizard. These Wizards are specialized in offensive magic that deal large damage to enemies and control the battlefield. They also have the ability to protect their allies from harmful Evocation spell effects.

Subclass Features[edit | edit source]

Level 2[edit | edit source]

  • Evocation Savant: Halves the cost to learn Evocation spells from Spell Scrolls. Learning these spells will only cost 25gp per spell level.
  • Sculpt Spells Icon 64px.png Sculpt Spells: Create pockets of safety within your Evocation spells. Allies automatically succeed their Saving Throws and take no damage from these spells.