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Portent is a Divination School Wizard passive feature that offers you glimpses into the future. You gain two random Portent Dice that you can use as a Reaction to substitute into Attack Rolls and Saving Throws rolled in range.


Your dreams grant you glimpses that let you influence the future.

After each Long Rest, you gain two random Portent Dice. During the day, you can use your reaction to change the die of any Attack Roll or Saving Throw rolled near you to one of your Portent Dice.

Each Portent Die can only be used once, and you lose your unused Portent Dice at the end of the day.

  • Portent can only change a die in the favour of the caster and their allies.
    • Attack rolls can only be changed from a miss to a hit for your allies, and from a hit to a miss for enemies.
    • Saving throws can only be changed from a fail to a success on allies, and from a success to a fail on enemies.
  • Portent counts creatures marked yellow as allies.
    • This means that if you initiate combat by attacking an enemy marked as yellow, you cannot change their saving throw from succeeding to failing, only the opposite. Be careful as the game may prompt you for this.


Recharge: Long rest


How to learn



  • The available Portent Dice and their values will appear on the reactions tab of your spellbook, and over your hotbar on the right side.
  • Spending a Portent Die is done as a reaction, but does not consume a Reaction.
  • Portent Dice will replace the value of the D20.png d20 of an attack roll or saving throw before modifiers are applied.
  • The value shown in the reactions window will show the current roll before modifiers. This is why it may say something like "Rolled 17, needs 18", but you can change it to a 15 and still hit if you have a bonus of +3.
  • You can hover over the numbers to see what they rolled, and what the modifiers are.
  • Portent Die can cause an attack to become a critical hit if its value is in your critical hit range.