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Information on using this resource[edit | edit source]

To use this resource, make sure you have BG3 Modder's Multitool, and that you have the Models.pak unpacked. Navigate to the folder your multitool is in, and then locate the UnpackedData folder. This is where you will find all of these body models.

If you want to edit one of these body to create a custom body, simply visit the .GR2 file path and import your preferred body into Blender using BG3/DOS Collada Exporter plugin.

Body meshes are generally in their race/gender specific folders, for example: UnpackedData\Models\Generated\Public\Shared\Assets\Characters\_Models\Humans\_Female\Resources would be the path for HUM_F_NKD_Body_A. You can also just search the Asset Name in Multitool to find its location. Tails for tieflings/dragonborn are usually in the same folder as their bodies.

Asset Name Body Type Race
HUM_F_NKD_Body_A 1 Human/Elf/Drow/Half-Elf*
HUM_M_NKD_Body_A 2 Human/Elf/Drow/Half-Elf*
HUM_FS_NKD_Body_A 3 Human/Elf/Drow/Half-Elf*
HUM_MS_NKD_Body_A 4 Human/Elf/Drow/Half-Elf*
TIF_F_NKD_Body_A 1 Tiefling
TIF_M_NKD_Body_A 2 Tiefling
TIF_FS_NKD_Body_A 3 Tiefling
TIF_MS_NKD_Body_A 4 Tiefling
GTY_F_NKD_Body_A 1 Githyanki
GTY_M_NKD_Body_A 2 Githyanki
DWR_F_NKD_Body_A 1 Dwarf
DWR_M_NKD_Body_A 2 Dwarf
HFL_F_NKD_Body_A 1 Halfling
HFL_M_NKD_Body_A 2 Halfling
GNO_F_NKD_Body_A 1 Gnome
GNO_M_NKD_Body_A 2 Gnome
HRC_F_NKD_Body_A 1 Half-Orc
HRC_M_NKD_Body_A 2 Half-Orc
DGB_F_NKD_Body_A 1 Dragonborn
DGB_M_NKD_Body_A 2 Dragonborn

*Note that while Elves/Drow share a body with Humans, their textures are different (lack of bodyhair for example) - so searching for ELF_M_NKD_Body_A will net you the correct entry that technically uses the HUM_M_NKD_Body_A meshes but assigns different materials to them.