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VertexColorMaskSlots[edit | edit source]

When creating outfits/armours/helmets and such, we sometimes will want to hide certain parts of the body, or make it so those parts aren't hidden, such as wanting a tiara not to hide hair.

You will see something like this in the merged.lsf files:

<node id="VertexColorMaskSlots">
<attribute id="Object" type="FixedString" value="Torso" />

These are the values you can use: (note: these values are case sensitive)

VertexColorMaskSlots Table[edit | edit source]

Fixed String Description Colour Hex Code
Torso hides majority of the torso, used by most _body armor #013201
Shoulders #011E01
upperarm #014101
lowerarm #015001
wrists usually used by gloves #013A01
hands usually used by gloves #015F01
Thighs be careful using this as some shorter pants will show gaps if used #01B901
knees #011001
shins #012401
feet usually used by boots #019601
decolletage_01 hides the low neckline on an outfit #018201
decolletage_02 hides the second low neckline on an outfit #016E01
Underwear_Bra hides the upper underwear #01A001
Underwear_Panties hides the lower underwear #01AA01
Underwear_Panties_Tail same as above but I believe is for hiding specifically the Tiefling underwear #01AA01
Private_Parts hides genitalia #022902
ModestyLeaf hides the leaf when playing the game without full nudity ?
Nipple Covers hides the nipple covers when playing the game without full nudity ?
Sleeves used mostly for Gloves to hide parts of longer sleeves when equipped #010B01
Pants same as above but for Boots and longer pants #011401
Never Hide Hair This is used on headwear where you don't want the hair being hidden. N/A
(Hot Pink Physics Paint) Slows physics on cloth.* #FF0180
(Red Physics Paint) Activates physics on cloth.* #FF0101

*The less red in a color you use, the less flowy the physics will behave. So if you use pink vertex paint (#FF0180) for example, it will be less red overall and the physics will move more slowly.

Image References[edit | edit source]

This image is for the Body Vertex Color Mask Slots and what gets hidden when using them.


Other Ways to Hide Mesh Parts[edit | edit source]

There are certain helmets in the game that hide ears/beard/head.

First of all, this is done by the gr2, so if you accidentally name any part of your head Ears/Head/Beard, other than the intended mesh themselves, both will be hidden by these helmets.

If you want to purposefully do this, make sure to have correct name in the data tab and object tab of your mesh in blender.

Remember to put these tags in node id="base" tag in the visualbank which is different from where the "hide hair" goes

  <node id="base"> <children> <node id="Tags">  <attribute id="Object" type="FixedString" value="Hide Head/Beard/Ears" />` in the visualbank hides the head part just like a vertexmaskslot does.