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Tools[edit | edit source]

Some extremely useful tools that will make your BG3 modding life so much easier.

  • Lslib by Norbyte
    • Needed for many types of conversations necessary for modding.
  • BG3 Multi-Tool by ShinyHobo
    • Allows you to pack and unpack mods, search the game’s asset files, and more!
  • BG3 Mini tool by Padme4000
    • Has a variety of helpful functions including creating your Meta.lsx file for you.
  • BG3 Creator's Cauldron by Keefr
    • Dive into the world of BG3 homebrewing with Creator's Cauldron! From custom magical armor to powerful spells, this tool makes creating your own BG3 content a breeze.

Blender Plugins[edit | edit source]

  • Mesh import/export plugin by Norbyte
    • You’ll need this if you want to work with .GR2 files (that’s what BG3 uses) in Blender.
  • Padme’s Addons by Padme4000
    • Includes addons for Head Export Order, Easy LOD Creation, Normal Map Transfer, Quick UV Buttons and Reset Transforms.
  • Armature Plugin by Aloija
    • Blender addon which helps to edit the skeleton for BG3 models.
  • Outfit Builder by LazyIcarus
    • Given armor in a base body (e.g. HUM_F) and body variants of HUM_F (e.g. HUM_FS, or some body mod here), generate meshes of the armor for those body variants.
  • Volnos Texture Toolbox by Volno
    • A modding resource containing a collection of tools for modifying BG3's skin textures, as well as a recreation of Baldur’s Gate 3’s skin shader.

Free Tools[edit | edit source]


Gnu Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)


To convert .DAE to .FBX.

[edit | edit source]


Substance Painter