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Treasure Table References[edit | edit source]

This page is for listing commonly used treasure tables for both vendors and containers. Such as Arron in the Emerald Grove or the Potions Chest in the tutorial. Alternatively you can use the full treasure table list from here put together by Majakale.

Please be aware the links to the characters, items and/or locations may contain spoilers.

  • if you hover over them they will give a tiny bit of information with a picture. Though may still contain slight spoilers

Vendors[edit | edit source]

  • * means if alive
    • this is because of certain characters being able to die or be killed in their earlier acts. Which means if that is the case they will not be available to purchase from at a later time in the game.
NPC Name TreasureTable Name Zone Location
Volo DEN_Volo_Trade Campsite Campsite
Arron DEN_Entrance_Trade Wilderness Emerald Grove
Dammon DEN_Weaponsmith_Trade Wilderness Emerald Grove
Grat GOB_Festivities_Trader Wilderness Goblin Camp
Roah Moonglow GOB_ZhentQuarters Wilderness Goblin Camp
Brem PLA_ZhentarimTrader_Extra Waukeen's Rest Zhentarim Basement
Blurg UND_SocietyOfBrilliance_Hobgoblin Underdark Ebonlake Grotto
Omeluum UND_SocietyOfBrilliance_Mindflayer Underdark Ebonlake Grotto
Derryth Bonecloak UND_MycoVillage_AlchemistDwarf_Trade Underdark Ebonlake Grotto
Greymon UND_KC_Trader_Weapons Underdark Grymforge
Kith UND_KC_Trader_Utility Underdark Grymforge
Esther CRE_Expeditioner_Trade Rosymorn Monastery Trail Crèche Y'llek
A'jak'nir Jeera CRE_GithQuartermistress_Trade Rosymorn Monastery Trail Crèche Y'llek
*Dammon HAV_Weaponsmith_Trade Shadow-Cursed Lands Last Light Inn
Talli HAV_HarperQuarterMaster_Magic_Trade Shadow-Cursed Lands Last Light Inn
*Mattis HAV_Thiefling_Trade Shadow-Cursed Lands Last Light Inn
Araj Oblodra MOO_InfernalTrader_Trade Shadow-Cursed Lands Moonrise Towers
Lann Tarv MOO_BugBearvendor_Trade Shadow-Cursed Lands Moonrise Towers
*Roah Moonglow MOO_ZhentQuartermaster Shadow-Cursed Lands Moonrise Towers
Anna Lidwin TWN_Hospital_CorpseTender Reithwin Town House of Healing
Hoarding Merregon SHA_MerregonTrader Grand Mausoleum Gauntlet of Shar
Entharl Danthelon WYR_Danthelon_Trader Wyrm's Crossing Danthelon's Dancing Axe
*Mattis WYR_Thiefling_Trade Wyrm's Crossing Requisitioned Barn
Bumpnagel WYR_Ironhand_Merchant Wyrm's Crossing Angleiron's Cellar
Hoots Hooligan WYR_SharessCaress_Bartender_Trade Wyrm's Crossing Sharess' Caress
Popper WYR_Circus_KoboldMerchant_Magic Wyrm's Crossing Circus of the Last Days
*Dammon LOW_Weaponsmith_Trade Lower City Forge of the Nine
*Rolan LOW_SorcerousSundries_Trade_Magic Lower City Sorcerous Sundries
Lorroakan's Projection LOW_SorcerousSundries_Trade_Magic Lower City Sorcerous Sundries
Fytz LOW_SteepsTrader_Weapons Lower City Stormshore Armoury
Gloomy Fentonson LOW_SteepsTrader_Armor Lower City Stormshore Armoury
Helsik LOW_DevilsFee_Diabolist_Trade_Magic Lower City Devil's Fee
Mystic Carrion LOW_MysticCarrion_Trade_Magic Lower City Philgrave's Mansion
Figaro Pennygood LOW_Figaro_Trade Lower City Facemaker's Boutique
Echo of Abazigal LOW_MurderTribunal_Merchant Lower City Murder Tribunal
Nansi Gretta LOW_SteepsTrader_BooksAndScrolls Lower City The Bibliophile

Containers[edit | edit source]

Caption text
Container Name Treasure Table Name Location
Cartilaginous Chest TUT_Chest_Potions Nautiloid
Example Example Example

Cheat Engine code[edit | edit source]

This is the Cheat Engine code used to spawn treasure tables. It will spawn a bag at the feet of your character containing the loot from the table.
if syntaxcheck then return end