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Editing the CLEA/HMVY[edit | edit source]

To edit CLEA/HMVY textures, it is best to break them down to their RGBA channels and edit each channel individually.

For example in GIMP to separate them into their channels you would do this:

  1. Open the texture in GIMP
  2. Go to Colors > Components > Decompose > Switch Color Model to RGBA
  3. Once the Color Model is selected press OK.
  4. This will open another window/page with each channel as layers. You can now edit each channel separately using the guide below to know what each channel does.
  5. When you are finished making your edits go to; Colors > Components > Compose > Switch Color Model to RGBA.
  6. Once the Color Model is selected, press OK.
  7. It will now open another window/page with the texture repacked with its channels together. You can now export your texture. When exporting your texture make sure the extension is .DDS not .dds, and the compression is either BC3/DXT5 or BC1/DXT1, as below.

CLEA[edit | edit source]

DDS Format: BC3/DXT5 Linear

  • Red Channel - Cavities/Pores
  • Green Channel - Eyebrows
  • Blue Channel - Lips
  • Alpha Channel - Ambient Occlusion

HMVY[edit | edit source]

DDS Format: BC3/DXT5 Linear
Skin tinting

  • Red Channel - Hemoglobin
  • Green Channel - Melanin (freckles)
  • Blue Channel - Veins
  • Alpha Channel - Yellowing

NORMAL[edit | edit source]

DDS Format: BC3/DXT5 Linear
Wrinkles, scars, any indents in the skin

To convert a "regular" normal map to BG3, put the Red channel into Alpha channel and set Red channel to black

MSK[edit | edit source]

DDS Format: BC1/DXT1 Linear

  • Red Channel - Non-skin (horns, nail colour)
  • Green Channel - Pigmentation (lighter = less, also vitiligo)
  • Blue Channel - Tear/Lip Lines

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Tattoo and Makeup Atlases[edit | edit source]

DDS Format: BC1/DXT1 Linear

Tattoos[edit | edit source]

  • Red, Green, and Blue are all different tattoo designs. Can design on any.

Makeup[edit | edit source]

  • Red Channel - Makeup options
  • Green Channel - Gith spots
  • Blue/Alpha - Not used