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This list has been edited and adapted from an original list shared by LostSoul in Larian's Discord server.

General Tips[edit | edit source]

  1. Only use mods compatible with current game version.
  2. Do not uninstall mods midway through a playthrough, especially those that add new spells, items or status effects. This can cause a save to crash upon loading.
  3. If you are having multiplayer issues, ensure all players have the same mods in the same order.
  4. Remove mods and add them into the game one at a time, to identify any broken mods or conflicts.
  5. If you identify a problem, please report it to the mod author. Provide as much detail as possible and attach screenshots if you can. Make sure you have read the mod documentation, its requirements, and the comments thoroughly before doing this, in case the solution is there.

Questions to Ask Yourself[edit | edit source]

  1. Does the game work without mods?
  2. Have I thoroughly read the install instructions?
  3. Do the mods I installed have requirements?
  4. Do I have the latest version of the mods AND their requirements?
  5. Have I checked for current bugs or reported issues?
  6. Do I have Mod Fixer installed?
  7. Did I install them correctly?
  8. Am I using Vortex? (Vortex can cause issues)

Common Bugs[edit | edit source]

Standing in a field surrounded by naked men and 1 dragonborn.[edit | edit source]

You need Mod Fixer.