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Nocturne is a tiefling follower of Shar and friend of Shadowheart. She acts as quartermaster in the Cloister of Sombre Embrace, and will sell a small selection of items.

If Shadowheart defies Shar and kills the cultists, Nocturne will only remain in the cloister until the next long rest. Otherwise, she will remain as quartermaster.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

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If Shadowheart consumed noblestalk while in the Underdark, upon meeting Nocturne she will realise that she is the young tiefling from her recovered memories. Nocturne will go on to explain how Shadowheart used to be teased about her name - attacked for who she was - which helped Nocturne understand more about herself, and that she was not happy with who she was. Shadowhearts courage to keep fighting gave Nocturne the strength to find herself, and name herself anew as Nocturne.[1][note 1]

Nocturne will be surprised that Shadowheart made it back, as it was speculated in the cloister that the hunt for the artefact was a suicide mission, and further, that it was not Shar's plan but the Mother Superior's alone.

If Shadowheart takes control of the Cloister, Nocturne stays on as quartermaster, and tells Shadowheart to come see her later so that they can catch up. Otherwise, she makes plans to go to another enclave, not yet brave enough to leave Shar entirely.

Epilogue[edit | edit source]

Concentration Icons.png Spoiler warning! This section reveals details about the epilogue of Baldur's Gate 3

During the epilogue, the player can ask Shadowheart about Nocturne. If Shadowheart took over the cloister, she will relay that Nocturne is still the quartermaster, and is busy with the rapid growth of the enclave.

Otherwise, Nocturne is acting as informant to Shadowheart on the plans of some of the Sharran chapters, still a loyal friend to Shadowheart even though her faith and allegiances remain. Shadowheart hopes that Nocturne will turn from Shar in time, ready to support her in that change, but says it is "a decision she will have to make for herself".[2]

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Related literature[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Nocturne is a trans woman; if Shadowheart consumes noblestalk and regains some of her lost memories, she will remember "a young tiefling boy" with short horns and purple hair who was named Rennald.

References[edit | edit source]

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