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The divine bard Milil stands at the centre of the party, surrounded by glowing ghostly instruments, and plays music for a feast.
The epilogue party.

Six months after the resolution of Confront the Elder Brain, the party will gather for an extended Epilogue sequence, which takes place at a suppertime gathering thrown by Withers at the Wilderness campsite. The gathering serves as an opportunity for all the Companions to reunite and share how they have been faring since parting ways, and for the player to gain closure on the stories of each companion. The epilogue was added in Patch 5.

The epilogue sequence is tailored to the decisions made throughout the preceding playthrough and, as such, contains many variations. Major changes pivot around choices made during Confront the Elder Brain and the resolutions of each companion's Personal Quests. All Avatar characters in the party at the time of the Brain's defeat attend in multiplayer games. Anyone who permanently died or otherwise left the camp during the playthrough will not attend the epilogue.

Location[edit | edit source]

The epilogue takes place at night time in a unique instance of the Wilderness campsite. Tables and barrels overflowing with food and wine stretch across its east end, a bonfire burns in the center, and festive banners and flowers decorate the rocks throughout.

Potions of Animal Speaking can be found throughout, allowing the player to Speak with Animals Speak with Animals if they do not naturally know the ability.[note 1]

Withers stands in the middle of an old vine-covered chapel. He is surrounded by alchemical equipment, an old stone sarcophagus, glowing crystals, and piles of books.
Withers in his reconstructed chapel.

Withers' workshop[edit | edit source]

The stone ruin in the southeast corner has been turned into a type of home/office for Withers. On the north wall lies a book-strewn desk topped with Scroll of Disintegrate, Scroll of Circle of Death, andVolo's Guide to Baldur's Gate (Signed). An alchemical altar sits against the eastern wall, next to The Book of Willing Souls. Lining the southern wall is his sarcophagus and an end table, upon which are two D20 dice named Divine Odds.[note 2]

Bandstand[edit | edit source]

Milil stands upon a central stone, surrounded by spiritual instruments, and provides music for the party. The player can pass a Religion check to identify him as the erstwhile minor deity of song, a recognition that provides him great joy. Milil acts as a jukebox, changing the song per the player's requests. The song options are:

  • Can you play a pretty song, reminiscent of taverns and tales? - Plays "Ale of Balduran."
  • Something lively that encourages dancing would be perfect. - Plays "Bard Dance."
  • How about something thoughtful, hopeful? - Plays "New Light."
  • I'd like something that feels rich and warm. - Plays "Streets and Faces."
  • Something nostalgic and gentle would be ideal. - Plays "We Live Another Day."
  • Do you have any new compositions? Something that's never been heard before? - Plays "Endless Spring," a new song specific to the epilogue.

Companions will remark nostalgically about being back at the campsite through conversation and ambient banter.

Clothing Chest[edit | edit source]

A Clothing Chest at X: -511 Y: -498contains a vast number of dyes, camp clothes, shoes, and undergarments, allowing the player to customize their outfit.

Chest of Grateful Words & Gazette bulletin board[edit | edit source]

X: -481 Y: -504 is home to a nook containing the Chest of Grateful Words and multiple editions of the Baldur's Mouth Gazette. Here, the player can quickly catch up on the developments of minor characters, who either send correspondence that can be found in the chest's inventory, or who made headlines in the posted editions of the Gazette. The headlines of the Gazette are modular, with some headlines being constant and others being affected by outcomes from the playthrough.[Needs Verification] For example:

Attendees[edit | edit source]

Origin Character[edit | edit source]

The primary player character's behavior in the epilogue will differ significantly depending on which Origin they chose, who they romanced, and whether they became a Mind Flayer.

Illithid Transformation[edit | edit source]

Player characters who opted for the full Mind Flayer transformation will appear in their Mind Flayer form. The other attendees will still remark on their appearance but be happy to see them nonetheless. You have the option to hug all eligible companions and kiss your romance as a Mind Flayer.

However, after catching up with your third companion, you will be struck with the urge to eat their brain. A DC 15 Constitution check is required to repress the urge[note 3]; if the player fails or voluntarily gives in, the companion becomes hostile and Withers unceremoniously whisks the player through a portal.

Dark Urge[edit | edit source]

The appearance of the Dark Urge in the epilogue will vary depending on whether the Urge was embraced or rejected. If the Urge was embraced, a bloodsoaked Urge character will stumble into the party, gazing from afar with insanity in their eyes. They will contemplate killing all the other attendees when they fall asleep, while licking Bloodthirst.

Companions[edit | edit source]

Astarion[edit | edit source]

Astarion's behavior at the dinner party is determined primarily by the outcome of The Pale Elf, whether or not he ascended. If Astarion ascended, he will be wearing an opulent blood-red suit and speaks more slowly, with a venomous drip. He brags about his rising status as the city's "puppet-master" and generally looks down upon the player. He can be challenged on his new behavior and compared to Cazador, but Astarion will brush these off.

If you romanced Astarion and remained with him as his spawn (or ally in case of illithid transformation), he will ask you to talk with the other companions to gather information and share it with him later, while he stays behind and drinks wine. He will be surprised to hear that others are somehow achieving successes in life without his supervision, but will not be interested to engage in conversation with them himself.

If kept a spawn, Astarion acts like his former self: flamboyant, energetic, and happy to be killing, though this time as a valiant adventurer. He has grown acclimated to living in the darkness, developing a renewed sense of self that is accepting of his own identity and nature.

Ambient chatter from Astarion as a spawn has him bemoan that Withers has brought fine wine from all over the world, but hasn't thought to bring even a single bottle of fresh blood. He goes on to try the reddest wines available, but none are blood.

Gale[edit | edit source]

Gale's presence and behavior at the party is determined primarily by the outcome of The Wizard of Waterdeep, whether he gave up the Crown of Karsus to Mystra, chose to keep the Crown for himself or sacrificed himself to destroy the Netherbrain.

If he gave the crown to Mystra, he returned to Waterdeep with Tara and is now a Professor at Blackstaff Academy, specifically in the School of Illusion. Mystra has cured him of the Netherese Orb, but he pretends to still have it in order to threaten his students when they behave poorly. He will ask the player to come by the school at some point and be a guest-lecturer for his class.

If Gale decided to take the crown for himself he arrives to the party as a god. He reforged the crown and used it to ascend to godhood, but left Mystra to her magical dominion, instead becoming the god of ambition. He has several temples already built in honor of him, and he promises that the player is never out of his sight. Tara is unhappy with Gale's ascension calling his change "distasteful".

If he used the Netherese Orb to destroy the Netherbrain, a magical projection of Gale called the Spectral Voice will be in the party. It will inform that it was created by Gale in the event that he died and was beyond normal means of resurrection, and will give a letter containing Gale's farewell. Once it delivers the letter, the Spectral Voice vanishes. Tara will be saddened by his death.

Halsin[edit | edit source]

Halsin does not have any major changes to his behavior or appearance at the party. He will talk of settling down in Reithwin to help rebuild the Shadow-Cursed Lands, and ask for a story from the player to bring back to his hordes of adopted children. Before the player leaves their conversation, he will give them a Whittled Duck.

Ambient chatter from Halsin has him surprised Withers has brought so much food, considering he is mostly made of bone. He theorizes that Withers wishes to live vicariously through everyone else's appetites. He also notes he should exercise restraint with the alcohol, lest he lose his faculties and ruin the party's vibe as a wildshaped bear. He is very happy to be among old friends and in nature.

Jaheira[edit | edit source]

Jaheira's behavior does not have major changes if she attends. She talks of Baldur's Gate's reconstruction efforts, and the roles her children, the Harpers, and Minsc have to play in it. She reveals Jord has joined the Harpers and is planning crop cycles in Wyrm's Crossing. Rion has temporarily joined the Flaming Fist, but mostly spends her time incarcerating corrupt Fists. Minsc, if he has made amends with the Guild, has managed to rope them into rebuilding the city as well, though she suspects the thieves are only in it to lure back the wealthy. She herself is micromanaging everyone. The player can become recruited to the Harpers through a dialogue tree.

Karlach[edit | edit source]

Karlach's behavior is determined primarily by the decisions made on the dock after defeating the Netherbrain, and if she became a Mind Flayer.

If she became a Mind Flayer, she will appear as she did in the final battle. She talks slowly and airily, reporting that she still feels like herself but that eating brains has enriched her with lifetimes of additional thoughts and memories. She sustains herself through an arrangement with a healer for terminally-ill patients, who consent to donate their brains to her diet.

Ambient chatter from Karlach as a Mind Flayer has her note that the reunion is a lovely occasion, but she'll soon get hungry. She expresses pity that mutton chops no longer interest or sustain her, and reminds herself not to think about any of the local brains - lest she tempt herself.

If she went to Avernus, she will be excited to have discovered a lead on permanently fixing her soul engine: blueprints for one of Zariel's secret forges. If she did not go to Avernus, she does not show up because she is dead. Shadowheart will lament the lack of her presence, and after conversing with Withers it is revealed that Karlach was not brought back because she did not want to return.

Lae'zel[edit | edit source]

Lae'zel's behavior depends on the outcome of The Githyanki Warrior, whether she rejected or embraced Vlaakith, whether or not Orpheus is freed, and if she flew back to the Astral Plane to wage war against Vlaakith or stayed in Faerun.

If Lae'zel sides with Orpheus and departs with him to wage war, she will appear at the party as a glowing Astral Projection. She recants the player with tales of victory, her diplomacy mission to the Githzerai, and her new appreciation for things other than battle.

Ambient chatter from Lae'zel as an Astral Projection has her relieved her projection is holding. She is glad to see Fae'run's skies again, having learned much during the adventure. She is especially pleased at the community and revelry happening on the eve of their victory.

If the Githyanki Egg was left in Lae'zel's possession, she speaks of the young man born of it, named Xan, in the care of allies. If Lae'zel sides with Orpheus, he is currently staying with the mages of Xamvadi'm.

If Lae'zel sides with Orpheus and stays in Faerun, she launches a crusade to slay every Vlaakith-aligned Githyanki outpost on the Sword Coast.

If Lae'zel remains loyal to Vlaakith and accepts Ascension, she will not be present in the epilogue. Withers will remark that githyanki Ascension is to be consumed by Vlaakith, and that he cannot sense Lae'zel's presence.

Minsc[edit | edit source]

Minsc's appearance at the party depends on the conversation had between Nine-Fingers Keene and him, following completion of Aid the Underduke. If he doesn't talk with Keene or doesn't make peace with the Guild, he arrives looking worse for wear, decked in rags. Without knowing the gravity of his situation, he reveals that he has been kidnapped by the Zhentarim and was nearly about to be executed when Withers spirited him away for the party.

If he agreed to help the Guild as their "berserker lodge," Minsc appears well-dressed, accompanied by a halfling Guild member, Happy Hoarson, who he was in the middle of terrorizing for looting corpses. Minsc commends the player and their companions for being ideal heroic role models, the kind of person Happy should strive to be more like. He also says that he no longer sleeps in "that" sewer, but has found a much nicer sewer to sleep in.

Ambient chatter from Minsc has him impressed with the quality of meat Withers provided, though neither he or Boo know where Withers sourced it. If he came with Happy Hoarson, then Minsc also exclaims to Boo that Happy must be treated nicely if he is to reform.

Minthara[edit | edit source]

Minthara's appearance and behavior at the party doesn't have any major changes depending on story decisions. Ambient chatter from Minthara has her wryly suspect there have been other reunions to which she hasn't been invited, that all the heroes gathering together paints a target on the party for hostile attack, and that she is becoming accustomed to the taste of surface-grown plants.

When spoken to, Minthara bemoans the party's lack of extravagance and asks if the player regrets their decision not to control the Absolute. She then reveals she's since returned to the Underdark, despite being an apostate of Lolth, and is gathering like-minded individuals to reclaim her family house and wage war on the Spider-Queen. When speaking to an Origin Shadowheart player character, her dialogue about controlling the Absolute is replaced with conversation about the outcome of Daughter of Darkness - for example, asking how Shadowheart's parents are faring if they are alive.

Shadowheart[edit | edit source]

Four dogs, eight cats, nine chickens, six pigeons, four sheep, a milk cow named Daphne, a squirrel who's far too clever for her own good, and a wolf cub I found orphaned in some woods.
— Shadowheart, on her new pets

Shadowheart's behavior is determined by the outcome of Daughter of Darkness, whether she rejected or embraced Shar, and whether her parents are alive or not.

Ambient chatter from Shadowheart has her pleased at the quality of wine Withers brought for the party, before promptly wondering why the party had to scavenge food from barrels and crates during their adventure when Withers could've fed them. She then recalls a night where fourteen apples, some fish heads, and stale bread were served for dinner.

If she embraced Shar, she will mention how the rebuilding of Baldur's Gate has led to many new recruits, and her job as the new Mother Superior is all consuming.

If she rejected Shar and euthanized her parents, she embarks on a life of adventuring and slaying Sharran assassins, telling of visiting the Temple of the Moon and encountering an imp named Bing-Bong.

If rejecting Shar and saving her parents, she will have moved into a rustic cottage with her parents and an abundance of pets.

Wyll[edit | edit source]

Wyll's behavior is determined by the outcome of The Blade of Frontiers, whether he went to Avernus or stayed to become a Duke, and whether he is still a Warlock or escaped his contract.

Ambient chatter from Wyll has him enjoying the song, company, wine, and especially the fresh air. He wishes the night could last forever.

If freed of his contract, he becomes a Ranger. If he becomes the Blade of Avernus, he arrives smelling of sulfur and dressed in spiky armor that, he claims, was made from the shattered bones of slain fiends. He will share that he has a lead on getting closer to claiming his revenge on Mizora.

If left to serve his contract, he reports that he still undertakes missions on Mizora's behalf, and that his next quest has him tasked to slay a certain very powerful devil, though he cannot say more.

If he vows to become a duke in the city, he arrives at the party in splendid finery and tells the player of becoming acclimated to the political intrigue of Baldur's Gate.

If his personal quest was never completed, he remains the Blade of Frontiers and tells the player of his recent exploits: slaying a dinosaur at Candlekeep, slaying an "impossible lich," and of a slaying the whelp of a dragon named Claugiyliamatar.

Camp Followers[edit | edit source]

Owlbear Cub[edit | edit source]

If the owlbear cub becomes fully grown and armored, he talks of having befriended a cat and a kraken, until he killed the kraken for eating the cat. You can suggest that he moves in with Halsin or Shadowheart.

Scratch[edit | edit source]

Scratch appears very much his old self and requests to play fetch with the Astral Prism.

Volo[edit | edit source]

Volo attends the party, sharing with the player how they have an upcoming book about the party's adventures. He is shameless about forging the player's signature in order to get this book made.

Withers[edit | edit source]

Withers hangs out in his private chapel, away from the celebration. Talking to withers and selecting "I think I've caught up with everyone. What comes next?" will end the epilogue.

Other Attendees[edit | edit source]

Happy Hoarson[edit | edit source]

Happy Hoarson is a possible attendee brought to the party by Minsc. If you talk with him he will express concern that Boo will kill him.

Tara[edit | edit source]

If Gale ascends to godhood, Tara remarks about how much she hates the change, and invites the player to spend time with Gale's mother so that she can hear about her son from someone who knew who he was.

If Gale did not ascend to godhood, she invites the player to come visit her and Gale, and mentions that she'll send the invitation by pigeon, remarking that she once had a taste for them.

Raphael[edit | edit source]

Raphael crashes the party if the player signed his contract and handed him the Crown of Karsus. Prior to Hotfix #17, he would occasionally show up under diferent circumstances, including if he was killed by the player.

Bad Ending[edit | edit source]

If the player ruins the vibe by attacking any attendees, using harmful spells or actions, or attempts to eat someone's brain as a Mind Flayer, Withers will unceremoniously bounce them from the party by sucking them through a portal. This will immediately end the Epilogue and trigger the end credits.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. These potions were added in Hotfix 17 - 16:00, 10 April 2024 (CET). Prior to their addition, the player would need to trade with or pickpocket Volo.
  2. Prior to Hotfix 17 - 16:00, 10 April 2024 (CET), these dice were discoverable using "Show Item Labels" but could not be examined, picked up, or otherwise interacted with.
  3. Inspiration from the completed playthrough carries over into the epilogue and can be used here.