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Arnell Hallowleaf is a high elf Selûnite and father of Shadowheart. He can potentially become a Camp Follower.

History[edit | edit source]

Arnell Hallowleaf is a lycanthrope, but through Selûne's blessings, learned to control the transformation. According to him, it was a "toss of the coin" to determine if Shadowheart inherited the curse - which she did not.

Arnell and his wife, Emmeline Hallowleaf, raised Shadowheart, originally known as Jenevelle Hallowleaf, in Moonhaven.[Needs Verification] As a child, Jenevelle undertook a Selûnite coming-of-age ritual in which she was left alone in the woods and trusted to use Selûne's guidance to return to her family. However, the villagers discovered a Sharran spy near the village, and learned that his accomplices sought to abduct Jenevelle. Arnell took on his wolf form to quickly traverse the woods to find Jenevelle, but she had not known about his curse, and panicked at the sight of the wolf, allowing enough time for the Sharrans to find and abduct both of them, as well as Emmeline.

Arnell and Emmeline were kept in the Cloister for about 40 years, while the Sharrans made Shadowheart "practice" their techniques, such as trickery, interrogation, and torture, on her parents.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Arnell and Emmeline can be found in the Cloister of Sombre Embrace as part of Shadowheart's personal quest, Daughter of Darkness. Shadowheart is made to make the choice of euthanizing them, freeing herself of her incurable wound, or freeing them and having to live with the wound her entire life. Both Arnell and Emmeline push Shadowheart to euthanize them and free herself, but the player can persuade Shadowheart to free them through a DC 20 Religion, or Persuasion check.

If Arnell and Emmeline are freed, they become camp followers and reveal information about themselves and Shadowheart's past. Arnell is more talkative than Emmeline, as Emmeline is a human with a natural lifespan much shorter than Arnell's, and her memory is fading with age.

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