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Romance is an optional feature in Baldur's Gate 3. The player can start a romantic relationship with other characters - be it a brief fling or long-term. Some relationships can find their peak in sexual scenes, while others will follow different paths.

Characters can show interest on the player regardless of race and gender. Most important relationships will occur only with companions. Romance is available in multiplayer, but players won't be able to start a romance with each other. Some companions will be okay with being in a polyamorous relationship if the character pursues more than one companion and asks to be with them, but companions will not initiate any polyamory on their own. You cannot be in a poly relationship that includes multiple Origin characters.[Needs Verification]

There are also some sexual encounters the player can initiate with NPCs who aren't companions.

List of Romance Options[edit | edit source]

Characters open to polyamory will have a ♥ next to their name.

Female Characters[edit | edit source]

Male Characters[edit | edit source]

Non Companions[edit | edit source]

Concentration Icons.png Spoiler warning! This section reveals details about the story of Baldur's Gate 3.

Romantic Interactions[edit | edit source]

Command Halt.png This section contains references to mature themes.

Astarion[edit | edit source]

Main page Astarion Romance.

Prerequisite_Icon.pngPlayers should be aware that Astarion's romance and conversations in general hold mentions of and allusions to various types of abuse, manipulation, and sexual assault.
Astarion Portrait.png

After the cutscene of Astarion sneaking away at night triggers, the player can find an exsanguinated boar at the bridge before the Blighted Village, to the far right path of the signpost saying "Moonhaven" (north of the village), or just after the dialogue with Auntie Ethel at the entrance of Sunlit Wetlands (south of the village). The following long rest, the player will wake up to Astarion trying to drink their blood. He will approve of the player saying they trust him, and further approve of them letting him drink their blood. Note that if the player doesn't successfully stop him the second time the choice is presented, the player will die. They can simply be revived using a revivify scroll later. Note that players do not need to be aware Astarion is a vampire to sleep with him later on; not triggering this scene will not affect the romance.

Gale[edit | edit source]

Main page Gale Romance.

Gale Portrait.png

As early as Act One (if the player has Medium approval), the player can trigger a scene with Gale where Gale talks to the player about Mystra can be triggered. During the scene, Gale will offer to share with the player being under the weave, and if the player successfully passes all the checks, they may envision holding hands or kissing Gale for approval points.

Halsin[edit | edit source]

Main page Halsin Romance.

Halsin Portrait.png

His first scene can be during Act Three. In the camp, and only if the player had successfully completed Lift the Shadow Curse before embarking on the Road to Baldur's Gate.

Karlach[edit | edit source]

Main page Karlach Romance.

Karlach Portrait.png

Her first scene can be during Act One. If the player has Medium approval[Needs Verification] you can drum up the courage to tell her how much you like her. This will lead to Karlach meeting you, once you went to bed and everybody else is asleep. Since you haven't been able to continue with The Hellion's Heart past the first step in Act One, you will not be able to touch her. You can convince her, however, to kiss you - which you can either end sooner or embrace the moment, only to burn your lips.

Once you reach Act Two and arrive at the Last Light Inn, you can repair Karlachs Engine with the help of Dammon. During the next long rest (and if no other events are queued), the player can sleep with her.

Lae'zel[edit | edit source]

Main page Lae'zel Romance.

Laezel Portrait.png

Her first scene can be during Act One. She finds the player's martial prowess endearing, and will offer a night of debaucherous pleasure. Depending on conversation choices, the engagement may continue into future acts, with more dialogues and scenes.

Minthara[edit | edit source]

Main page Minthara Romance.

Minthara Portrait.png

Her first scene can be during Act One. During the party, only if the player sided with the goblins, she will offer the player a night of pleasure.

Shadowheart[edit | edit source]

Main page Shadowheart Romance.

Shadowheart Portrait.png

In Act One, during the party and only if the player sided with the tieflings and has at least Medium approval. The player and Shadowheart will drink wine, have a deep conversation, and can choose to kiss at the end of the night, away from camp.

Wyll[edit | edit source]

Main page Wyll Romance.

Wyll Portrait.png

In Act One, during the party and only if the player sided with the tieflings and has at least Medium approval. Wyll and the player can share a kiss.

Non Companions[edit | edit source]

Charm Person Icon.png Romance Warning This section reveals details about romance and may contain mature themes.

Portrait Drow Male Escort.png Portrait Drow Female Escort.png Sorn and Nym Orlith:

Sorn and Nym Orlith are twins and courtesans at Sharess' Caress, a brothel just outside Baldur's Gate. You can pay 500 gold to sleep with one of them though you cannot actually pay them for solo service if a romanced companion is in the party. If you have a romanced companion or companions in the party with you, they will offer to both sleep with you and your romance(s) for 1000 gold instead, however, most companions will refuse until you have completed their personal quest, save Karlach who always refuses. To sleep with them, you must send any party members not involved in the affair to camp or ungroup them from the main character before you can initiate the scene. Note that this scene is not animated, and takes place in the dark. You may also instead do the quest Find the 'Stern Librarian' Ffion and receive their company for free as a quest reward.

Inter-character Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • After dealing with the Goblin-Druid Grove conflict in Act One, if the player does not spend the night with Lae'zel she will do so with either Astarion or Wyll - as long as they are still in the camp.

Dark Urge Specific Scenes[edit | edit source]

The following scenes are only available if the player is playing as The Dark Urge origin character.

Background HauntedOne Icon.png Spoiler warning! This section reveals interactions with The Dark Urge.

  • You can snap Minthara's neck after having sex with her.
  • If during Act 2 you do not kill Isobel before dealing with the Act 2 boss, Sceleritas Fel will try to force you to kill your love interest. If you do not wake them up, they will be dead in the morning.