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Minthara can be romanced.

Act 1[edit | edit source]

If the party agrees with Minthara's attack on the Emerald Grove and successfully raids the grove, the player character will meet her at the party in camp, where she will offer a night of sex. Should the player character accept, the two will meet later that night at the altar at the campsite.

After sex, the player character will wake up with a naked Minthara in their arms. The player character can then choose to use their illithid powers to probe her mind, which she will disapprove of. Or, if the player character is The Dark Urge origin they can choose to give in to the urge and kill her, granting the player character her Mind Flayer tadpole.

If the player character chooses to have sex with Minthara and is holding the Mysterious Artefact, afterward Minthara will admit to the player character that she did not feel the presence of the Absolute and confess that she felt strangely comfortable in her moment free from it.

Later in the night, as long as Minthara is still alive and regardless of whether or not the player character chose to have sex with Minthara, Minthara will confess that she has been ordered to kill the player character. The player character can then attempt to dissuade Minthara from this. If the player character succeeds, she will recommend them to not go to the Goblin Camp again due to them having orders to kill the player character, and bid farewell until they meet again.

Act 2-3[edit | edit source]

If saved (see Minthara and Decide Minthara's Fate) Minthara can join the party and the partner track can begin. For the romance in total at least 40 approval is required. The romance in Act 2 and 3 is a separate arc from the potential night of passion in Act 1.

In later acts Minthara argues that during the Act 1 romance scene she was under the influence of the Absolute. But the romance arc in Act 2 and 3 is based on her free will.

For the romance to begin 30 approval is necessary. The conversation will be started by Minthara prodding the player's mind. The conversation must end with "Open your mind - let her in" followed by the response "A lover" to the prompt "What does she see?".

The next step of the romance requires 40 approval, the player to have supported Minthara when she showed herself vulnerable / talked about her fears, and that the player is getting close to handling Orin. This will lead to discussions about a special bond (see spoiler below).

Specifically Minthara must be supported in Orin dialogues. It must be promised that Minthara will have her revenge on Orin and that the player character will be by Minthara's side.

This will lead to the dialogue when closing in on Orin. Hunting Orin acts as Minthara's companion quest arc which allows for further dialogue.