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Mizora is a cambion in service of the Archdevil Zariel, as well as Wyll's infernal patron. She plays an important role in Wyll's backstory, as well as his character arc throughout the game.

Manipulative, mischievous and always looking to get the best out of her deals, she may be an asset or an adversary for the party, but she will always look out for her and Zariel's best interests.

Ignorant thing. It's always the terms and conditions that get you.
— Mizora

Overview[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Best described as a sadistic infernal lawyer, Mizora is one of Zariel's most important allies. As Wyll's patron, she is directly related to his fate throughout the game, and the party has to deal with her whether they like it or not. Initially kept a secret by Wyll due to pact clauses, Mizora is the source of his powers and the reason why he was cast out from Baldur's Gate following young Ravengard's massacre of Tiamat cultists. Ever since, she's kept Wyll on a leash, using him for her own wicked interests.

Throughout the game, the party has to interact with Mizora, and depending on the choices made, they can have good, neutral or very bad outcomes. Should Wyll follow Mizora's demands to the letter, she will reward him generously; should he be defiant instead, she'll castigate Wyll, though often applauding his spine.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • Mizora is a Cambion, a half-mortal, half-fiend creature
  • She can be encountered in acts 1, 2 and 3 of the game
  • She is Wyll's patron and provides his powers
  • She can have a one-night stand with the main player character
  • In combat, she functions essentially as a Sorcerer
  • Due to her importance to Zariel as an infernal lawyer, she doesn't engage in combat and is essentially unkillable thanks to Zariel's Protection Zariel's Protection

Quests[edit | edit source]

Related quest rewards[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Mizora has short, fiery-red hair, tucked neatly behind her pointed ears. Her skin is pale blue, with purplish lips and coal-black eyes, iris speckled with fire. She adorns her hair with gold and rubies in an ornament similar to a tiara, and she dresses in a simple, yet elegant blue dress with a gilded belt. Her four horns and large wings give her an imposing presence, despite her alluring demeanour.

In her rare human form, she loses her devilish features, appearing instead with fair skin, less intense ginger hair and blue eyes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Mizora is a cold and calculating Cambion who delights in creating trouble for her “pets,” as she calls them. Though manipulative, cruel and sadistic, she objects to being called as such as she considers herself a benefactress who always looks out for the best interest of her pets, twisted as it may seem. Indeed, though she may manipulate situations into her favor, and twist the meanings of pacts made, she never breaks a contract, always fulfilling her part of the deal.

Despite her cruel demeanor, she does display some form of affection towards Zariel, who she always speaks of with a sense of loyalty and devotion and, if Wyll chooses to sacrifice his father in exchange for his freedom, she displays genuine respect for his decision and happiness for him becoming “all grown up.”

In the end, however, her interests come first and she's perfectly willing to use others for her own wicked aims, regardless of the cost.

Relationship with Wyll[edit | edit source]

Wyll appears to be Mizora's favorite pet and she enjoys watching him deal with the trouble she creates. It seems her interest doesn't stem purely from their Fiend-Warlock relationship, but rather out of genuine interest in him as she often contextualizes the troubles she puts him through as helping him grow up and reach his full potential. Whatever her real aims are, at least she shows some respect for Wyll whenever he's forced to make some impossible choices, and she thinks highly of his skills as a monster hunter.

History[edit | edit source]

Little is known about Mizora's history. At some point during her life she was pressed into service by Zariel, who used her for infernal contracts. As such, she served during the Blood War with Karlach, and the two know and despise each other. Whether by coincidence or orchestrated by herself, at some point she met Wyll, who was desperate to stop the Tiamat cultists from destroying Baldur's Gate. The two signed a pact together shortly after.

As Wyll's patron, she had control on what young Ravengard could do and say, and depending on choices made, she was either a generous or punishing patron. Choices made would dictate whether she met an early grave in the Mind Flayer Colony after she was captured, or was freed and remained Wyll's patron, supporting him in her own wicked ways. Further decisions also resulted in either Mizora remaining as Wyll's patron for eternity or breaking their contract.

Ultimately, she had an important part to play during the battle against the Absolute, supporting Wyll and his companions against the cult.

Wyll's pact[edit | edit source]

When he was seventeen, Wyll encountered Tiamat cultists in the outskirts of Baldur's Gate, ready to summon the tyrannical dragon goddess to the plane. Eager to stop them, but young and powerless against many armed cultists, Wyll's desperation attracted Mizora who offered him a solution: her powers in exchange of servitude. Wyll didn't hesitate, and together they made quick work of the cult, however, young Ravengard would soon realize the cost of dealing with devils, as one of the many clauses of the pact prevented him from disclosing what happened that night.

When his father, Ulder Ravengard, returned from Elturel to find his son accompanied by a devil, he demanded an explanation, yet Wyll's tongue was unable to explain what happened, and the scene of the ordeal was conveniently cleaned up. With cold disappointment, his father cast him out from the city, forever exiled to the frontiers.

At the end of Act Two, Mizora will lift Wyll's inability to speak about their pact, allowing him to explain himself to the player character as they progress through his story. He will tell the player character the entire truth once they encounter Ulder Ravengard at Wyrm's Rock Fortress.

Concentration Icons.png Spoiler warning! This section reveals Wyll's pact clauses

Some of the clauses are revealed by Mizora throughout the game:

  • Clause F § 9: 'Soul-binder shall bestow reward or favour only upon soul-bearer's fulfillment of related obligation.'
  • Clause G § 9: 'Targets shall be limited to the infernal, the demonic, the heartless, and the soulless.'
  • Clause Z § 13: 'Should the promised soul refuse obeyance or neglect duty, the pact-holder shall cast the promised in Avernus as a lemure.'
  • Clause Z § 13: 'If the soul-binder consents to separation, she will release the soul-bearer from all obligation within six months.'
  • Addendum F: 'The Absolute must be avenged for the soul-binder's detention at Moonrise. The soul-bearer retains his gifts until such time as the Absolute is slain.'

Ever since, Mizora has treated Wyll like a bloodhound to hunt her and Zariel's targets, a tool to fulfill her twisted needs and desires.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

As Wyll's patron, Mizora can be encountered a few times throughout the game.

Act One[edit | edit source]

Campsite[edit | edit source]

Though alluded to earlier in conversation with Wyll, Mizora's first appearance is upon the conclusion of the first part of his quest to hunt Karlach. Whether successful or not, Mizora will appear at the campsite and introduce herself.

If Karlach was killed, Mizora will be pleased and will reward Wyll with the Infernal Robe. If she was spared, however, she will remind Wyll the terms of their pact and argue that Karlach does indeed fit the description of heartless. Should Wyll insist on not killing the tiefling, Mizora will take it as a breach of the pact, transforming him into a devil as punishment.

If Karlach joined the party, she will have a few choice words for Mizora, and talking to her afterwards reveals that they both served Zariel during the Blood War.

Act Two[edit | edit source]

Campsite[edit | edit source]

At some point during act two, Mizora will appear before Wyll and the party, informing Wyll that the Cult of the Absolute have captured an important asset of Zariel, a powerful devil, and that he must rescue them. Stressing out the importance of the mission, Mizora disappears as quickly as she arrived.

Mind Flayer Colony[edit | edit source]

Zariel's asset won't be found in Moonrise Towers, however, but rather in the Mind Flayer Colony where it's revealed that the powerful devil is none other than Mizora herself. Captured as she was navigating the Shadowlands, she was imprisoned in a mind flayer pod, blocking her from any spellcasting and any means of escaping by herself. Now, with Mizora on her back foot for the first time since meeting her, the party can bargain for Wyll's release from the pact in exchange for freeing her. Mizora, and Wyll's fate, can go two ways from here: either Mizora is left to her luck, or killed outright, which also means damning Wyll to an eternity in Avernus as a Lemure; or rescuing her, gracing the party with the devil's gratitude. If saved, and convinced to reward the party through a successful DC 14 Persuasion check, Mizora will reward Wyll with the Infernal Rapier (only possible if Wyll is in the party during the rescue). Mischievous as ever, she will also lift Wyll's restriction on talking about their pact before leaving.

Mizora will then appear one last time at the Campsite, where she reveals that an additional clause of the pact allows her to keep Wyll bound for six more months before his official release.

Act Three[edit | edit source]

Wyrm's Rock Fortress[edit | edit source]

Mizora may appear once more during Act 3, provided she was saved from the Mind Flayer Colony. She will be waiting for Wyll and the party in Wyrm's Rock Fortress, next to the doors leading up to the main audience chamber. Vicious as ever, she will taunt Wyll by mocking his father's situation as a thrall to Enver Gortash, goading Wyll to hurry and meet him before coming back to her for a chat. When the party returns, Mizora will announce that she is ready to break the pact between her and Wyll, and that she will meet everyone back at the campsite.

Campsite[edit | edit source]

After the next long rest, Mizora will appear, accompanied by two infernal arbiters, Cirrus and Feena. Wyll immediately knows something is amiss as their presence can mean only one thing: they are here as legal witnesses. If Duke Ravengard remains alive, Mizora explains that she knows where Wyll's father is being kept and that she might be inclined to share the information, but she asks for a sacrifice in return. Young Ravengard is then presented with a choice: Break the pact immediately, but sacrifice his father to his fate, or remain forever bound to Mizora in exchange for his father's freedom.

On the other hand, if Duke Ravengard is dead, Mizora will present a different bargain: bring back Wyll's father from the dead in exchange for young Ravengard's soul, forever bound to her and Zariel, or break the pact immediately.

Mizora will be pleased with whatever choice Wyll makes, though she shows some genuine surprise and respect should Wyll choose his own personal freedom over his father's life. Whatever the choice and situation, Mizora will remain in camp as a camp follower out of amusement, allowing the party to talk to her and learn more about Wyll's patron. This will also make her available as an ally against the Absolute as part of the quest Gather Your Allies.[note 1]

Mizora will cause trouble once more for Wyll and the party if Counsellor Florrick survived her ordeals and was rescued from Wyrm's Rock Prison and Wyll chose to sacrifice his father. Mizora will whisper lies to Florrick's ears, causing the latter to confront Wyll and the party, accusing him of hypocrisy and attempting to usurp his father's place in Baldur's Gate governance. Whatever the outcome of the situation is, the party can confront Mizora about it, where she will retort that she was merely helping Wyll get ahead in life.

Iron Throne[edit | edit source]

Duke Ravengard can be found in the Iron Throne, an underwater fortress used by Gortash and his Banites. The party can attempt to break him out, however, if Wyll sacrificed him to Mizora in exchange for his freedom, Mizora will appear, force the duke to kneel before her and summon a cluster of Combustion Belly Spiderlings to finish the job. Mizora will then explain that she's merely ensuring the deal goes through as pacted between them.

If left unattended, the spiderlings will approach Duke Ravengard and explode, killing him in the process. The party can, however, save him by using Help to break him out of his stupor and transporting him to the submersible, or healing the Duke. If successful and the duke survives, Wyll and his father may have a long overdue reunion, and can then speak to Mizora, who will not be entirely pleased about the outcome but will otherwise not punish Wyll for outfoxing her.

High Hall[edit | edit source]

Mizora can appear at High Hall along with other allies before the final confrontation with the Netherbrain where she will express her desire for payback.

Romance[edit | edit source]

The player character can engage in a one-night stand with Mizora during Act 3.

Mizora will show interest in the player character when talking to her, inviting them to a single night of hellish passion if they are willing. Should the invitation be accepted, she will visit them the next night and transport them to the Hells. True to her word, Mizora will give the player character a taste of the Hells, inviting them to pick and choose which of the Nine Hells appeal most to them. In total, the player character can choose three times, and Mizora will comment on each realm chosen. At the end, and infused with hellish delight, Mizora will envelop the player character with her wings and consummate the affair.

The morning after, Mizora will wake the player character up and comment on the night. As promised, she will remark that it was but a taste and leave the player character wanting for more. Should the player character be in a relationship with another character, they'll be caught by their love interest and be confronted. Mizora will then leave to deal with the situation. Certain characters will break the relationship no matter what is said, while others will not.

Afterwards, Mizora can be talked to again and she'll comment on how she enjoyed the night, but that she won't repeat it. Wyll will also warn the player character to be more careful next time.

Repercussions[edit | edit source]

If the player character is in a relationship with a companion, they may end the relationship.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Due to Zariel's Protection, Mizora is unkillable and a combat encounter is not possible with her. Any damage she takes is reduced to 0 and she will immediately disappear. Bleed-over-time effects will result in Mizora disappearing and then reappearing when the effect ends. The party can antagonize her without any negative consequences, however, though she will never truly die or fight back.

Spells and abilities[edit | edit source]

Mizora can be called to battle as an ally during the fight against the Netherbrain in Act 3. She has the following spells:

Loot[edit | edit source]

Mizora cannot be killed and looted.

Achievements[edit | edit source]


Break Wyll's pact with Mizora.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. It's possible Mizora won't be available as an ally for Gather Your Allies even though the quest says otherwise. Seems to happen most often when breaking Wyll's contract but still managing to save Duke Ravengard from the Iron Throne. [Needs Verification]
  • Mizora will still grant Wyll his infernal powers even if the contract between them is ended, so long as he avenges her for being captured by the Cult of the Absolute
  • When Wyll levels up and his level up screen is opened, Mizora can be heard laughing in the background

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