Find the 'Stern Librarian' Ffion

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Mamzell Amira is searching for her most popular employee.

Find the 'Stern Librarian' Ffion is a Quest in Act Three of Baldur's Gate 3. It can be started by speaking with the Amira Mamzell Amira in Sharess' Caress.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Investigate Elminster's Library in Sharess' Caress.
  • We spoke to Mamzell Amira, the proprietor of Sharess' Caress. She asked us to find Ffion, a worker of hers who has gone missing. She told us to start in Ffion's pleasure room called 'Elminster's Library', two flights up.
Investigate Fraygo's Flophouse.
  • We found Ffion's journal in her pleasure room. She seems terrified about something happening to someone dear to her - and scared that the patrons in the Flophouse will have noticed. Maybe we'll find answers there.
  • We found Ffion's diary in a chest in Fraygo's Flophouse. She seems to be very concerned about her son's change in demeanour and sudden tendency to be away from home.
Return to Mamzell Amira in Sharess' Caress.
  • We found Ffion's body. We should tell Mamzell Amira.
Talk to the Mamzell in Sharess' Caress..
  • We found the corpse of a dwarf called Ffion. We were told that she used to work for the Mamzell in Sharess' Caress. Perhaps we should tell the Mamzell.
Quest Complete
  • Mamzell Amira was heartbroken to learn of Ffion's fate, but grateful for the information.
  • Mamzell Amira was heartbroken to learn of Ffion's fate. For our troubles, she has gifted us some private time with the drow twins that work for her. We can find them in the taproom.
  • Mamzell Amira is dead. She'll never know what became of Ffion.
  • We decided to press on. Mamzell Amira may never know what became of Ffion.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Speaking with Mamzell Amira[edit | edit source]

The proprietor of Sharess' Caress in on the bottom floor, near the front entrance. Speaking to Mamzell Amira has her telling the party that they look like the type of people who need a sturdy dwarf, a leather whip. She gives - you receive. Regardless of the response, she says it's a shame, as Ffion Goldgrind Ffion Goldgrind , her 'Stern Librarian' is out for the day.

Selecting Will this 'Stern Librarian of yours be back tomorrow? has Amira admitting that she doesn't know and that Ffion has gone missing. Selecting You need help. Let me find Ffion for you has Amira graciously accepting the help. She provides Sharess' Caress Rooms Key, the key to Elminster's Library - Ffion's pleasure room.

Elminster's Library[edit | edit source]

Door to Elminster's Library on the upper floor of Sharess' Caress

Elminster's Library is up two flights of stairs from the ground floor, and out the door (X:7, Y:98). Once inside, Ffion's Journal can be found on the desk next to the bed (X:5, Y:103). The journal states that he's getting worse" and "the others in the Flophouse know it too, which points to the next location in the investigation - Fraygo's Flophouse.

The Flophouse[edit | edit source]

Fraygo's Flophouse (X:-6, Y:72) is across the way from Sharess' Caress. After going up the stairs of the Flophouse, a ladder (X:-12, Y:87) can be taken up to the top floor. On this floor, a red wardrobe can be found (X:-17, Y:82).

There are multiple ways to get into the secret room on the uppermost floor of the Flophouse:

Speaking to Ffion's corpse reveals valuable answers.

With a perception check, (X:-13, Y:76).

With a successful DC 10 Perception check, blood can be noticed on the floor near the bed. Examining the blood, followed by DC 10 Investigation check, allows the party to find Ffion Goldgrind's body hidden beneath the bed. Speak with Dead Speak with Dead can be used to communicate with the murdered Ffion:

  • Who are you? Ffion Goldgrind...
  • What is this place? Landlord...contraband storage...
  • How did you die? my son...
  • What were you doing when you died? Seeking...answers...
  • What answers did you seek? My boy...had a secret...evil secret...
  • Who is your son? Dolor...
  • Why did your son kill you? Found... His secret... My sweet boy... Why...
  • What was your son's secret? Killed...folk...slowly...he liked it...
  • Who has your son killed? Me...and...and...*The corpse remains silent. It does not know.*
  • Who was your son's next target? Ilmater temple...Didn't see...exactly who...
  • Where can I find your son? *The corpse remains silent. It does not know.*
  • What does your son look like? Dwarf...Like me...Dresses

Her body has a key on her, as well as a note. The key opens up Ffion's Chest on the floor below the secret room (X:-16, Y:76).

At this point, as Ffion's body has been found, and the Mamzell can be reported back to with Ffion's unfortunate fate.

Returning to the Mamzell[edit | edit source]

Telling Amira "I found Ffion's corpse. She's been murdered" has her grateful for the information, but saddened at the loss of coin. Choosing "I'm sure you can spare a little something for me, at least" has her offering free time with the drow twins as payment.

Quest rewards[edit | edit source]

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