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Lae'zel can be romanced.

Act One

She finds the player's martial prowess endearing, and may offer a night of debaucherous pleasure. If the player begins a romance with another character (even if only kissing) first, the following romance scenes will be closed. Instead, she will only mention her interest with some regret, preferring "fresh meat".

Once the player character reaches Medium (20) approval with her, they can note that Lae'zel has been looking at them differently. This will initiate a dialogue chain in which she admits to having been wrong in judging the player character. If romance has not been closed off, she offers to later sleep with them. The player can then choose to either agree to the offer, decline it, or make fun of the offer. If the player refers to Lae'zel as a "girlfriend", she will say that its all just about the sex and once again asks if the player will accept or deny the offer.

During the Party, regardless of side or approval, Lae'zel's first important romance scene can happen. She will commend the player's martial prowess and offer intercourse — no strings attached. If the player agrees, they will later encounter her inside the altar room, naked. Lae'zel will then demand the player to submit, where they can either comply or pass an Intimidation check (Githyanki, Dragonborn and Half-Orc characters get a unique line instead) to make Lae'zel submit instead. A rough sexual scene will then happen.

Regardless of who takes charge, the player will wake up next morning — in pain. Lae'zel will insist it was just for pleasure and spend no time on sentimentality, having already begun preparing to leave camp by the time the player starts to recover. Depending on conversation choices, the engagement can develop in future acts, with more dialogues and scenes.

Some time after the initial sex scene, Lae'zel may comment on how the player character has been behaving differently around her and, in her eyes, clearly wishes to sleep with her again, but restates that she never promised to be with them more than once. The player can either tell her she's mistaken, admit to being foolish for wanting more, or try to convince her to another night. The latter option will result in her approaching them upon a long rest, followed by another implied sex scene that happens off-screen.

Act Two

After multiple long rests within the Shadow-Cursed Lands, if her approval with the player is high enough and her personal quest in Crèche Y'llek has been completed, she will approach them while sleeping and confess that she is obsessed with them and feels uneasy about it. She will demand they prove their martial prowess to her in a duel to show her they are worthy of her obsession. Accepting the duel will initiate combat between her and the player character, which will end when either party reaches sufficiently low HP. Using certain potions in combat (and potentially other items such as coatings or scrolls[Needs Verification]) will prompt disapproving overhead remarks from her, but will not affect the ensuing dialogue.

Regardless of who wins, the player will have the option to progress their romance with her after the fight; if they win, she will be amazed by their skill in combat, and if they lose, she will find herself still unable to dispense with her feelings and vow to protect them. In either case, she will ask the player character to confirm their affection towards her; doing so will fully partner them with Lae'zel and end any other ongoing affairs.

Act Three

Randomly and after being in Baldur's Gate for a while and after multiple long rests, she will take you to the rooftops to watch the sun together, talking about how she used to despise this world and loathe everything about it, but because you've shown her beauty where she wouldn't have seen it, you can share affection together.

If you go for the "Destroy the Brain" ending, Lae'zel's story will have multiple resolutions based on decisions in several quests connected to her.

Join Orpheus into battle

You can tell her to stay with you subsequently ending the game with romance intact, if you are a mind flayer she will say that it is a line she cannot cross and refuses to stay, flying off with Orpheus if he is alive. If Orpheus is a Mind Flayer, he wishes to commit suicide, but prior to that will ask Lae'zel to lead the Githyanki instead with no way to convince her. If Lae'zel accepts Orpheus' request, he can be persuaded to live to see their people free. Lae'zel accepts the duty she now has and leaves to fight the battle against Vlaakith.

Tasked to kill Orpheus by Vlaakith

If Lae'zel remains loyal after Voss near the Creche encounter in Act 1 and after talking to Vlaakith in Act 3, she is required to kill Orpheus. If you free him after the Emperor abandons the party due to your choices, you are required to persuade her that he is needed. After the final battle, she will try to kill him, and you are given the options to watch it happen, don't look while it's happening or attack her. The third option kills her, while the other two result in maintaining the romance.

Emperor as Ally

Similar to the above, as long as the player is not a Mind Flayer she will stay. If she's loyal to Orpheus and is convinced to let the Emperor assimilate him, she will leave to lead the big fight against Vlaakith after everything that happened, knowing her own duty and what will come next.[Needs Verification]