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Astarion can be romanced.

The following sections explain Astarion's romance-specific storyline and unique mechanics.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Act One[edit | edit source]

  • After the cutscene of Astarion sneaking away at night triggers, the player can find an exsanguinated boar at the bridge before the Blighted Village, to the far right path of the signpost saying 'Moonhaven' (north of the village), or just after the dialogue with Auntie Ethel at the entrance of Sunlit Wetlands (south of the village). The following long rest, the player will wake up to Astarion trying to drink their blood. He will approve of the player saying they trust him, and further approve of them letting him drink their blood. Note that if the player doesn't successfully stop him the second time the choice is presented, the player will die. They can simply be revived using a revivify scroll later. Note that players do not need to be aware Astarion is a vampire to sleep with him later on; not triggering this scene will not affect the romance.
  • Getting a substantial lead, either the location of the Githyanki Crèche from Zorru, Priestess Gut from Sazza, or learning about Halsin's possible whereabouts from Nettie, will trigger a scene with him later in camp when you talk to him. He remarks how he likes the player, and the player can respond in a flirtatious manner. No approval changes from any options. Note that you may want to wait to trigger this scene till later since the dialogue makes it sound as if he and the player have been travelling together for a while, but that's preference.
  • A scene can be triggered at camp where Astarion says he has fed on a bear, the following conversation nets no approval changes but he makes a few playful quips to the player and they can do so in turn. The parameters for trigger this is unclear at the moment (possibly average-good relationship), but you need to know he is a vampire.
  • When you come across Gandrel, the Gur monster hunter found to the left of the Riverside Teahouse, you can progress your relationship with Astarion by allowing him to kill the Gur. In order to trigger this dialogue option, you need to have found out that Astarion is a vampire beforehand. In conversation with Gandrel, ask him what he is hunting, then choose "Only a spawn? Pity. Not like he's a real vampire." The first and second subsequent choices will trigger Astarion to reveal himself to the Gur and a fight will ensue.) After this scene plays out, you can speak to Astarion.
  • A similar scene with the same outcomes should trigger when the player reaches Good approval with Astarion, even without dealing with the Gur[Needs Verification].
  • Once you have had the conversation with Astarion where he invites the player to spend the night with him, the scene itself will trigger on the next long rest. If you choose dialogue options that indicate distrust, he will become upset and leave[Needs Verification]. You can gain approval with him by "playfully offering your neck." The player will wake the next morning to Astarion standing shirtless with his back turned to them; scars visible. The player can make a playful quip before asking him about the scars on his back. You can pass an Arcana check to determine the language the scars are written in (Infernal), but there are no approval changes.
  • As early as Act One, a scene can trigger where Astarion is looking into a mirror. The player may compliment him on anything to effectively “flirt” with him, aside from his moles and smile lines (this will lead to him being upset and leaving).
  • At either the goblin or the Tiefling party, the player can agree to sleep with Astarion afterwards. If this is the first time the player sleeps with him, it will trigger the cutscene mentioned above.
  • If the player has already slept with Astarion, then talking with Astarion at the party will result in a much more familiar conversation, where he can even tell the player he loves them, though he is just using shallow charm (no approval changes). Agreeing to sleep with him again will result in the dialogue choice "Astarion" becoming available once you head to bed, and the player then seeks him out. There is no additional sex scene, it's simply implied.

Act Two[edit | edit source]

Heading into Acts 2 and 3, it is important to note that some choices you make, Astarion will disapprove of, but they may be for the 'better'. Disapproval of an action will not lock you out of romance scenes, and he may even change his outlook on your actions later on.

  • The next substantial scene with Astarion happens after the player goes to bed after talking to Araj Oblodra with Astarion in the party. She is a vendor located on the main floor of Moonrise Towers. Players can pick whichever option they feel suits how they want their relationship with Astarion to be. Picking options that manipulate Astarion into having sex with you simply for pleasure will be followed by a cutscene where Astarion breaks up with the player.

A similar scene with the same outcomes will trigger if your approval with Astarion is at least 70 (High Approval) in Act 2, even if you don't talk to Araj.

  • Once the party successfully completes Kill Raphael's Old Enemy, Raphael will inform Astarion about the nature of his scars and the player can then talk with Astarion about the information revealed. It is important to ponder how you want to proceed with this, as it will change Astarion's fate and the dynamic of his relationship with the player.

Act Three[edit | edit source]

  • At Circus of the Last Days there is a dryad, Zethino, who will conduct a love test for the player for a fee. You can ask Astarion to take part in it and you will be transported to a woodsy area and asked questions about him. You may choose to respond however you wish, but choosing two or more from 'I don't think he's ever been happy.', 'He's happy right now, look at that smile!', 'Me', 'A nice, tasty rat.', and 'Sharp, wooden sticks.' will result in Astarion being upset. Note that picking more 'genuine' options 'Freedom', and 'Forever feeling like a slave to someone', will result in an 'Astarion Disapproves' message popping up, but are still considered correct answers.
  • The player can find Astarion's fellow spawn in Fraygo's Flophouse near the Southspan of Wyrm's Crossing waypoint. If the player did not interact with them, then long resting a couple times in the area should trigger a scene where they come talk to you at camp. The player is free to choose any responses they want, but may see disapproval pop up at certain choices. His siblings will attack the party, and afterwards he will talk to the player. Again, you may choose to respond however you feel. If you tell his siblings 'You can take him' when they come to camp at night, and then choose 'I wish they had', 'I panicked in the moment!', or fail the check for 'I was only teasing you.', Astarion will break up with you.
  • Once the player confronts Cazador, they may choose what outcome they want. They can convince Astarion to simply kill Cazador instead of performing the rite himself, or he can perform the rite and become a Vampire Ascendant. Note that if he goes through with the rite, everyone in the cells will die.
    • If Astarion becomes a Vampire Ascendant, his behaviour will change considerably.[1][2] Some players may be uncomfortable with his and their character's subsequent romantic dynamic. [note 1]
    • Players romancing Ascended Astarion as Karlach will also ultimately break up with Astarion, as he will be unable to turn Karlach into his spawn. If he attempted and failed to turn her, Astarion will blame Karlach and become derisive towards her. [note 2]
  • Romance conclusion: If the player long-rests after the Rite concludes, an additional scene with Astarion will be triggered. The scene will vary depending on the outcome of the rite – ascended or not. Both options have additional content along with the potential for a love confession and a second romance scene.
    • In the ascended path – the player has the option to become a vampire spawn. Dialogue selection will determine if the suggestion to become a vampire comes from Astarion or the player. During this conversation, multiple dialogue options can lead to Astarion telling the player he loves them (4 variations). Note that as with other scenes, Astarion’s tone and response will generally match the tone of the dialogue option selected by the player. Astarion will not continue the relationship with a player who does not want to become a vampire. If the player does not long-rest and instead goes straight to the end-game fight, the relationship continues with Astarion and a mortal player. If the player initially consents to becoming his vampire spawn, you can then consent to sleeping with him again or not - neither option impacts Astarion's decision to turn the player into a vampire (this offer can come from Astarion or the player depending on dialogue selection). During the romance scene, Astarion bites the player. Immediately following the romance scene, another scene occurs where he turns the player into his spawn. He will ask the player to kneel, you can consent to kneeling, refuse to consent and say no, or kick him in the balls. Note: If the player assaults the companion by kicking him in the balls, he will permanently leave the party. If the player says no to kneeling a second time, the relationship will end. If the player continues to consent to becoming his vampire spawn, Astarion will bite the player two more times; the player can ask for a gentle (on the hand) or rough (hand around the neck) option. Astarion will thank you for giving him everything and bite the player a third and final time. After awakening, the player will have received the Bite ability which provides the Happy condition. The location of the romance scene depends on the location of the player’s camp (e.g., if the player’s camp is in Elfsong Tavern, the romance and turning scene takes place in a private room there).
    • If Astarion did not go through with the rite, he will tell the player he would like to show them something outside the city, and take them to see his grave. There is no option to break-up during this interaction. After the initial discussion, the player can consent to sleeping with Astarion or not - neither option impacts the relationship. In order to receive a love confession, the player must consent to sleeping with Astarion. The romance scene always occurs outdoors, on his grave.

Romance mechanics[edit | edit source]

This section contains information regarding the unique in-game mechanics and interactions for Astarion's romance.

Relationship stages[edit | edit source]

Like the other major romance options in the game, Astarion's relationship progression can be divided into specific stages: friendly, flirting, partnered, and ex-partnered:

  1. Friendly: The friendly stage begins at medium approval, and is the default stage for non-romanced companions.
  2. Flirting: Once the player sleeps with Astarion during Act 1, you will enter the flirting stage.
  3. Partnered: In Act 2 with high enough approval, and if the player is not in the partnered stage with any other companion, you will be able to partner with Astarion during the long rest following speaking with Araj Oblodra at Moonrise Towers if you do not coerce him to bite her. This stage comes with unique party/camp interactions.
  4. Ex-Partnered: Once partnered with Astarion, the player can break up with him anytime by selecting the appropriate dialogue option. The player will return to the friendly stage with Astarion for greetings/interactions.

Unique dialogue[edit | edit source]

Greetings[edit | edit source]

Players who romance Astarion will hear unique greetings dependent on the stage of the romance and approval/game progression:

  • Flirting:
  • "It's always a pleasure to see you sauntering over."
  • "Yes, darling?"
  • "Hello, beautiful."
  • "I did miss that face, you know."
  • "Hello, my sweet."
  • Partnered (following Act 2 romance progression scene):
  • "Gods, you're beautiful."
  • "Is there something you want to talk about, my dear?"
  • (As the Dark Urge) "Precious little Bhaal-babe!"
  • Partnered (following Act 3 romance progression scene):
  • Vampire Ascendant
    • "Ask me anything, and it will be yours."
    • "Little love, whatever could be the matter?"
    • "My consort, we are so close to our triumph, I can almost taste it."
    • "Look at you, precious thing, you always stare so eagerly."
  • Remained Vampire Spawn
    • "Ah, you’re so adorable when you’re thinking what to say."
    • "Yes, love?"
    • "I hope there’s nothing troubling you, my dear?"

If broken up with (ex-partnered), Astarion's greetings return to his regular, friendly greetings.

Party/camp interactions[edit | edit source]

While in the partnered stage (following his relationship progression scene in Act 2), Astarion will have the following unique dialogue options that are always available when interacting with him both in camp and while he's in the player's party, which can be instigated by selecting "Can we talk about the two of us?":

  • The player can inquire about Astarion's feelings regarding the relationship ("What are we to you?"). His response will vary depending on recent major events in his questline.
  • The player can ask for a kiss ("Could I kiss you?).
  • The player can break up with Astarion ("Whatever is between us, we need to end it").

If the player breaks up with Astarion, or if Astarion breaks up with the player for whatever reason, these options will no longer be accessible when speaking with Astarion.

Romancing other characters[edit | edit source]

This section contains information regarding how the player's relationship with Astarion impacts other romance options/scenes and vice versa. The player can be in the flirting stage with other companions while in the flirting stage with Astarion (typically encompasses all Act 1 romance scenes and minor flirting scenes during Act 2 prior to the companion's major romance progression/partnering scene). Astarion considers the player to be in a relationship (partnered) with him after his relationship progression event in Act 2 (following meeting Araj Oblodra) if the correct options are selected during this interaction. If you have entered the partnered stage with another companion prior to this scene triggering, the player will need to interact with Astarion in camp (prior to meeting with Araj) to trigger the dialogue where you must choose between the partnered companion and Astarion if the player wishes to pursue a romance with Astarion. While Astarion is not a monogamous companion, the player can only be in the partnered stage with one origin companion.

  • Romancing Halsin - The player is able to romance both Astarion and Halsin at the same time in Act 3. Upon attaining high enough approval with Halsin, Halsin may approach the player and express interest while acknowledging the existing relationship with Astarion. He will suggest that he share you with Astarion but only if Astarion approves. When approached by the player with Halsin's suggestion, Astarion will accept. The player's relationship with Halsin does not affect their relationship with Astarion. Following this interaction, only Halsin will bring up the other during unique party/camp dialogue options (specifically when the player asks Halsin about their relationship).
  • Romancing Sorn Orlith/Nym Orlith - When approached in Sharess' Caress in Act 3 while the player is in a relationship with Astarion, the twins Sorn and Nym will offer the player the option to be with both of them at once, but only if both the player and Astarion both participate. The results of this interaction depend on whether or not Astarion's companion quest the Pale Elf has been completed yet or not:
  • Before the completion of Astarion's companion quest, Astarion will express hesitation at the proposition and will tell the player he's not ready for that again. Assuring him that you would never ask that of him will award the player with his approval (if not maxed out already.
  • After the completion of Astarion's companion quest, Astarion is willing to participate in the twin's proposition.
  • If the player is romancing both Halsin and Astarion and both are in the party when the twins are approached, Halsin will enthusiastically volunteer for the task and can be included either with just the player and the twins (if Astarion does not want to participate) or with the player, Astarion, and the twins (if Astarion does want to participate). Regardless of options chosen, this will not affect the player's relationship with Astarion moving forward.

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. Ascendant Astarion is arrogant,[3] controlling, and threatening.[4][5] The player also has numerous occasions to comment on his changed behaviour; that he is "controlling [and] manipulative",[6] that he "scares" them,[7] and that he has changed from the person he was.[1]
  2. After failing to turn her, Ascended Astarion will call Karlach "pathetic", "broken", and pointedly; "doomed".[8]

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