Beorn Wunterbrood

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Beorn Wunterbrood is a Flaming Fist who appears in the Watch Citadel of High Hall during Act 3 to rally the forces of Baldur's Gate against the Netherbrain. He can be found alongside all the allies whom the player has gathered during the Gather Your Allies quest.

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In the Watch Citadel within High Hall, Beorn Wunterbrood will be giving a speech to all the characters gathered during Gather Your Allies. He urges all of them to put aside their differences and unite against the greatest threat that Baldur's Gate has ever faced, before being interrupted by the entrance of the player. He is initially suspicious of the Mind Flayer within the party (no matter whether they are the player, The Emperor, Karlach, or Orpheus), but is convinced to trust them by Withers. After allowing the gathered allies to speak, and the player character to give a short speech, he announces that all these forces will be ready to join the party in battle.

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