Kereska's Favour

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Kereska's Favour is a Level 4 Evocation Spell. It allows its caster to imbue themselves with an element and unlock resistances and spells associated with it. It is granted by MarkoheshkirMarkoheshkir.


Imbue yourself with elemental energy sourced from the draconic goddess, Kereska.


Recharge: Short rest

At higher levels

Casting this spell at a higher level grants no additional benefit.


How to learn

Granted by equipping/consuming the following items:


The conditions granted by these spells do not stack, i.e. after taking a short rest and casting a new variant, the old condition will be replaced.

  • BUG WARNING: A transmuter wizard using his Shapechanger ability to become a bird causes him to lose Kereska's Favour (tested in game version (hotfix 11))