Weapon Bond

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Weapon Bond is an Eldritch Knight Fighter action. This prevents the Fighter's main hand weapon from being disarmed and makes it automatically return to the Fighter when thrown.


Ritually bind the weapon in your main hand. The weapon can't be knocked out of your hand, and it automatically returns to you when Thrown.


 Range: Self
Duration: Until Long rest

How to learn



  • This applies only to the weapon held in the caster's main hand.
  • Only one weapon can be bound at a time. Attempting to bind another weapon causes the previous to be unbound.
  • Works only with melee weapons.
  • This effect persists even if the bound weapon is traded to another character and the caster is removed from the active party. You can acquire a hireling, select the Eldritch Knight subclass at level 3, apply this to another character's weapon, hand it back to them, and then remove the hireling from the party. This effect is well-suited to characters that specialize in Throwing weapons.