Wild Magic table (Sorcerer)

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Wild Magics have a chance to unleash one of the following effects after a level 1 or higher spell is cast:

Wild Magic Sorcerer Effects

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Wild Magic Effects
Effect Description
Turn Magic Turn Magic At the start of each turn, trigger a random magical effect.
Burning Burning Each creature and item within 6 m / 20 ft starts burning and takes 1d6Damage TypesFire per turn.
Teleport Teleport Until the end of your next turn, you can use a bonus action to teleport up to 9 m / 30 ft
Enchant Weapons Enchant Weapons Enchant the weapon of each creature within 6 m / 20 ft. Their next attack is a Critical Hit and deals an additional 1d4Damage TypesForce.
Sorcery Points Sorcery Points Until the end of your next turn, each spell you cast restores Sorcery Points equal to its Spell Slot level.
Fog Fog Create a cloud of fog around yourself. Creatures within are Heavily Obscured and Blinded Blinded.
Blur Blur Each creature within 9 m / 30 ft becomes Blurred Blurred.
Explosive Healing Explosive Healing When you hit a target with a spell, heal all creatures within 3 m / 10 ft for 1d4hit points per Spell Slot level used.
Summon Mephit Summon Mephit Summon a hostile mephit.
Swap Swap Swap positions with a target each time you cast a spell or cantrip.
Action Surge Action Surge You gain an additional action this turn.
Flight Flight You can Fly Fly until the end of the turn.
Shield Shield Armour Class Armour Class is increased by 5 and you are immune to the effects of Magic Missile Magic Missile
Telekinesis Telekinesis Able to lift and throw objects and creatures with your mind until the end of your turn.
Resilient Sphere Resilient Sphere Enclose yourself in an arcane sphere. You cannot be damaged by attacks or effects from outside the sphere, nor can you damage anything outside the sphere. Movement Speed is halved.
Enlarge/Reduce Enlarge/Reduce Each creature within 9 m / 30 ft is randomly Enlarged Enlarged or Reduced Reduced.
Polymorph Polymorph You are transformed into a beast.
Cambion Cambion Summon a cambion from the fiery nexus of the Nine Hells. It is hostile to everyone.
Slow Slow You are Slowed Slowed.
Spike Growth Spike Growth Shape a piece of ground around yourself into hard spikes. A creature walking on the spikes takes 2d4Damage TypesPiercing for every 1.5 m / 5 ft it moves.
Entangle Entangle Create a vine surface around yourself, slowing down creatures, possibly Entangling Entangling them.
Speak with Animals Speak with Animals Gain the ability to comprehend and communicate with beasts.
Cats and Dogs Cats and Dogs Each creature within 9 m / 30 ft is randomly transformed into either a cat or a dog.