Adrip with Kereska's Acid (Condition)

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Affected entity has Resistance to Acid damage. Your acid spells deal additional Acid damage equal to your Proficiency Bonus.

When it deals spell damage, inflict 1 turn of Noxious Fumes upon the target. While attuned to Kereska's acid it can cast Melf's Acid Arrow and Hunger of Hadar.

Sources of Adrip with Kereska's Acid

Notes[edit | edit source]

* As of 08-08-2023, the in-game tooltip is incorrect and states this variant grants the spells granted by Deadlier than Arsenic instead.
* As of v4.1.1.3956130, dealing spell damage applies 3 turns of Noxious Fumes instead of 1 as stated in the tooltip.