Vessel for Kereska's Poison (Condition)

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Loses duration: start of turn

If already applied: replace current

Conditions with the same stack ID

Conditions with the stack ID MAG_LEGENDARY_CHROMATIC_ATTUNEMENT_FIRE, only one of these can be applied at the same time:

Condition Effects

Adrip with Kereska's Acid (Condition) Adrip with Kereska's Acid

Affected entity has Resistance to Acid damage. Your acid spells deal additional Acid damage equal to your Proficiency Bonus. When it deals spell damage, inflict 1 turn of Noxious Fumes upon the target. While attuned to Kereska's acid it can cast Melf's Acid Arrow and Hunger of Hadar.

Conduit of Kereska's Ice (Condition) Conduit of Kereska's Ice

When it deals spell damage, it inflicts 1 turn of Encrusted with FrostEncrusted with Frost upon the target. While attuned to Kereska's ice it can cast Cone of Cold Cone of Cold and Ice Storm Ice Storm.

Gripped by Kereska's Flame (Condition) Gripped by Kereska's Flame

When the affected entity deals damage with a spell, it gains 1 turn of HeatHeat.

Rumbling with Kereska's Thunder (Condition) Rumbling with Kereska's Thunder

Vessel for Kereska's Poison (Condition) Vessel for Kereska's Poison

Sources of Vessel for Kereska's Poison