Ancient Rune Circle

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An example of an Ancient Rune Circle

The Ancient Rune Circles are Baldur's Gate 3's fast travel system. They are scattered throughout the world and become unlocked by walking up to them. You can travel to an Ancient Rune Circle by opening the map and selecting one from the list on the right side. Additionally, interacting with a Rune Circle will open the map.

Spoiler warning: The following content may contain story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

List of Ancient Rune Circles[edit | edit source]

Act 1
Ancient Rune Circle Location Coordinates
Overgrown Ruins Ravaged Beach X:276, Y:298
Roadside Cliffs Wilderness X:222, Y:326
Silvanus' Grove Wilderness X:246, Y:423
Blighted Village Blighted Village X:34, Y:394
Whispering Depths Whispering Depths X:-588, Y:-383
Goblin Camp Goblin Camp X:-74, Y:445
Riverside Teahouse Putrid Bog X:-10, Y:250
The Risen Road The Risen Road X:82, Y:597
Waukeen's Rest Waukeen's Rest X:-77, Y:570
Zhentarim Basement Zhentarim Basement X:256, Y:-295
Underdark - Selûnite Outpost Underdark X:177, Y:-235
Underdark - Myconid Colony Ebonlake Grotto X:102, Y:-101
Underdark - Beach Decrepit Village X:21, Y:-212
Underdark - Sussur Tree Dread Hollow X:-50, Y:-138
Underdark - Grymforge Grymforge X:-647, Y:382
Underdark - Ancient Forge Grymforge X:-612, Y:294
Act 2
Ancient Rune Circle Location Coordinates
???? ???? ????