Rosymorn Monastery Trail

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The view looking East from the bridge to Mountain Pass

Rosymorn Monastery Trail is a region, and location that can be accessed from the west of Mountain Pass. It is a part of Act One, but is a different Region to Wilderness.

Travelling here will advance the story, potentially locking the player out of finishing several Act One quests.

Rosymorn Monastery Trail
Rosymorn Monastery
Ruined Battlefield Rosymorn Monastery Trail Waukeen's Rest

Overview[edit | edit source]

Regional locations[edit | edit source]

Connected locations[edit | edit source]

The following locations are connected to Rosymorn Monastery Trail:

Regional waypoints[edit | edit source]

Lae'zel stops to talk to the player near Trielta Crags

Rosymorn Monastery Trail contains the following Waypoints Waypoints:

caption = Trielta Crags Trielta Crags X: -68 Y: -154

caption = Rosymorn Monastery Rosymorn Monastery X: 18 Y: 22

caption = Crèche Y'llek Crèche Y'llek X: 1382 Y: -795

Quests[edit | edit source]

Notable characters[edit | edit source]

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

Lady Esther's camp[edit | edit source]

Lady Esther makes camp near the Trielta Crags waypoint. She initiates the quest Steal a Githyanki Egg and is a merchant carrying several powerful items.

  • Lady Esther X: -43 Y: -129

Battle with the undead[edit | edit source]

An encounter with two Death Shepherds, four Ghouls, and a Ghast can be found at X: -91 Y: -119. Both Githyanki and Absolute cultist corpses litter the area. Speaking with the corpse of an Absolute Zealot reveals that he summoned the undead in order to buy time for the raiding party on Waukeen's Rest to complete their mission and capture Ulder Ravengard.

  • Buried chest near the battle (Survival DC: 10) X: -119 Y: -138

Cable car[edit | edit source]

If repaired, a cable car can be used to travel to or from the top of some cliffs X: -38 Y: -72, and a landing X: -6 Y: 4 just west of Rosymorn Monastery.

  • Cable Car Wheel X: -47 Y: -73

Blue Jay's nest[edit | edit source]

A Blue Jay and their nest, containing a key. X: -59 Y: -19 If you can Speak with Animals, you can speak with the Blue Jay to initiate the Reclaim the Blue Jay's Nest quest.

  • Blue Jay Nest X: 58 Y: 19