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Cazador's Dungeon

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The Tourmaline Depths
Baldur's Gate
Lower City Sewers Cazador's Dungeon
Szarr Palace

Cazador's Dungeon is a location in Act Three where the party can find and confront Cazador Szarr.

Overview[edit | edit source]

It can be accessed through a dais in the ballroom of the Szarr Palace.

This area was part of a vast subterranean realm of dwarves, created by exiles of the dwarven kingdom Bhaerynden, originally known as The Tourmaline Depths.

Fast travel and resting are not possible inside of this area.

Map of Cazador's Dungeon

Cazador's Room[edit | edit source]

Cazador's room is a small chamber found by taking the first left though a sealed Crypt Gate when entering from the ballroom in the Szarr Palace.

Inside his room are several lore-related books. Interacting with the inanimate skull of the vampire Velioth, Cazador's progenitor, leads to a series of three DC 15 Wisdom checks, providing information about his and Cazador's shared past. Whether the party succeed or fail the checks, they will receive the Black Mass Scroll, which contains information about Cazador's Ascension Ritual and will progress the quest The Pale Elf The Pale Elf.

Lower Floor[edit | edit source]

The lower floor can be accessed from the upper floor using Feather Fall Feather Fall, Misty Step Misty Step, or Fly Fly from the halls northwest of the elevator. Alternatively, a button on a pillar in the room to the west X: -1964 Y: 842raises and lowers a massive chandelier X: -1964 Y: 832which can be used as an elevator to enter and leave this level.[See: Bugs]

The center of the room to the west is filled with a damaging caustic brine. Additionally, there is a locked crypt gate (DC 30) connecting to the Lower City Sewers - Gloomy Ascent. The dungeon cannot be entered from the sewers prior to unlocking the gate from this side. A key to the gate can be found in the attic of Szarr Palace.

In a room to the east, hidden in a dirt pile ( DC 15 Perception check) in a trapped ( DC 15 Perception check) rosewood casket X: -1926 Y: 853, is the Pelorsun Blade. This weapon deals radiant damage, which is highly effective against Cazador.[See: Bugs]

Cells[edit | edit source]

Sebastian Sebastian, one of Astarion's first victims, can be found in a cell here; speaking to him progresses the quest The Pale Elf. Chessa, one of the abducted Gur children, can be found on the other side, advancing Investigate Cazador's Palace Investigate Cazador's Palace.

The Grand Chamber[edit | edit source]

The Grand Chamber is found at the northernmost point of Cazador's Dungeon. In this room the party can find and confront Cazador Cazador Szarr.

Waypoints[edit | edit source]

This location contains the following Waypoints Waypoints:

  • Cazador's Dungeon X: -1928  Y: 827

Connected locations[edit | edit source]

Notable characters[edit | edit source]

Related quests[edit | edit source]

Notable loot[edit | edit source]

Notable items obtained in this location, whether looted, purchased, or obtained as a quest reward:

  • Pelorsun Blade - on the lower level, in a trapped rosewood casket X: -1925 Y: 851:

Looted from Cazador Szarr:

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • The chandelier which serves as an ersatz elevator sometimes works correctly, but other times party members may be "left behind" after jumping onto it and fall to their deaths.
  • The trapped casket with the Pelorsun Blade may not be present on some platforms. Although the casket may require noticing and then digging up.