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— Gerringothe about everything

Gerringothe Thorm is a unique intelligent Undead, the toll-master of the Reithwin Tollhouse. Seemingly made of gold, she is driven by endless greed and is relentless in enforcing the toll to cross the river to Moonrise Towers.

Gerringothe's greed isn't limited to just her mannerisms, as she also wields powerful abilities that are influenced by the amount of gold a character is carrying. As well, her Visages grant her coin armour, which increases her total hit points.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

When approached, Gerringothe will quickly demand gold from the party. Besides attacking her, the player can toss her some gold, though she will simply demand more. When asked for a clear price, she will demand all of the player's gold. However, if given anything short of 5000 gold, Gerringothe will claim she was given too little and attack.

If paid, the player will receive the Signed Trade Visa which casts the unique and powerful spell Flesh to Gold, along with the experience gained after defeating Gerringothe and her minions. However, it is a one use item.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Instead of paying her, you can instead do a variety of social Skill Checks to get past her:

  • A DC 18 Persuasion check will question why she remains when she can take what gold she has and be free. She will be steadfast on her role to collect the gold in the service of the toll.
    • Another DC 21 Persuasion check, questioning how she has no one to oversee her duties.
    • A DC 21 Deception check, claiming that the local authority has decreed all the gold belongs to her now.
    • An DC 21 Intimidation check, bluntly telling her she no longer has a job.
  • A DC 18 Deception check, claiming you are the new toll master to replace her.
    • Another DC 21 Deception check, claiming she's been promoted and moving to a better tollhouse.
    • A DC 21 Persuasion check, praising her work and insisting you'll take over.
    • An DC 21 Intimidation check, threatening her and demanding she leave.

Note that it is necessary to pay her at least one gold piece before these options become available. If you do not have any gold at all, all the available conversation options will eventually lead to a fight.

Whichever approach you take, succeeding will lead to her having a moment of clarity before stating she will "pay it back," before seemingly killing herself. The party will be fully rewarded experience as if they defeated her and all her visage minions. You will also get the full amount of gold magically bound to her.

Attacks and abilities[edit | edit source]

Left/Right Coin Whip
Bonus action

Attack roll: +7
D8 Slashing.png 4d8 (4~32) Damage Types Slashing damage
Generic Damage.webp

Jealous Avarice Jealous Avarice

Seizing on greed, the toll collector damages a character based on how much gold they're carrying.


DC 15  Dexterity saving throw, to halve damage

D12 Slashing.png 8d12 (8~96) Damage Types Slashing damage

Range: 8 m / 26 ft

  • For every 500 gold a character is carrying, damage is repeated multiple times.
Generic Summon.webp

Summon coin halberd Summon coin halberd

Summon a coin halberd from a pile of gold to fight alongside you. The pile of gold is destroyed.

Bonus action

Range: 8 m / 26 ft

Generic Damage.webp

Combustible Coins Combustible Coins

Enchant a pile of coins to explode.


DC 16  Dexterity saving throw, to halve damage/

D8 Force.png 3d8 (3~24) Damage Types Force damage
  • Can be removed by simply picking up the pile of enchanted coins.
Generic Physical.webp

Claws Claws

Lash out with deadly claws.


Attack roll: +3

D4 Slashing.png 2d4 (2~8) Damage Types Slashing damage

Tactics[edit | edit source]

Despite her large appearance, Gerringothe is very fast-moving thanks to her use of Fast Hands which allows her to use Dash as a bonus action. She will use her mobility to get around, even climbing up to the ruined roof to put distance from the party and a vantage point for her Jealous Avarice spell. Also, her large amount of Hit Points makes it difficult to beat her down quickly, even more so with the support her Visages give in attacking or hindering the party. As the fight goes on though, she will begin using Combustible Coins to force your party to be on a constant move. She can also turn larger piles of gold into Coin Halberds throughout the battle.

Like most battles, preparation is key. The first step is to either put away your gold at camp or a secure spot nearby, since her Jealous Avarice will otherwise deal insane amounts of damage and possibly wipe out a grouped up party, if you happen to be carrying a few thousand gold on you.

Instead of focusing on the toll master, it is better to target the Grim Visages spread throughout the building. For each one killed, she will lose 100 of her Hit Points and lose more of her powerful abilities. The piece of coin armour destroyed follows a fixed sequence each time, irrespective of which visage is killed:

  1. Coin Vambrace (L) Coin Vambrace (L), disabling Left Coin Whip
  2. Coin Vambrace (R) Coin Vambrace (R), disabling Right Coin Whip
  3. Coin Cuisse Coin Cuisse
  4. Coin Cuisse (R) Coin Cuisse (R)
  5. Coin Cuirass Coin Cuirass
  6. Coin Helmet Coin Helmet

Picking up the piles of Gold spread around the building before battle will limit the effective area of Combustible Coins and deny her opportunities to create summons. Using a high level Turn Undead when the Visages are grouped up will likely destroy a few considering their low HP. Once all of the visages are destroyed, the pitiful true form of Gerringothe can be easily finished off.

Alternatively, you can instantly kill her by sneaking onto the roof and using Telekinesis on her. When she stops at the window, pick her up and drag her as far away as you can. This is a fast and easy way to unlock the "Penny Pincher" achievement.

Notable loot[edit | edit source]

  • Twist of Fortune
  • 600 Gold dropped near her, if defeated through skill checks, otherwise a stack of 100 will drop each time a layer of her armour is removed, up to six times.

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Written by Gerringothe Thorm[edit | edit source]

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. Gerringothe gains 100 maximum hit points per instance of Coin Armour affecting her.

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