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Arabella is a tiefling child in Baldur's Gate 3. She is the daughter of Locke and Komira, and is being held hostage by Kagha for attempting to steal the Idol of Silvanus. She is the objective of the Save Arabella quest.


I - I was scared. They said when the rite was over, we'd have to leave.
Arabella on her attempted theft

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Act One[edit | edit source]

Her parents will ask the party to rescue her, at the entrance to the Ritual Room. Arabella can be found inside the Druids' Chambers, being threatened by Kagha and her snake, Teela, while Rath is trying to dissuade Kagha from hurting her.

The party can intervene to save Arabella. If she is saved, she will return to her parents, who will scold her for her actions. The party will receive Komira's Locket as a reward, and Arabella will explain that she thought the Druids will try to listen to the Refugees if she stole their idol. She will express disappointment on her failed quest and worry that Mol might be angry with her.

If Kagha is not convinced, Arabella will be killed by Teela. She can later be avenged either during the Investigate Kagha quest or, if her parents and Kagha are still alive, during the Tiefling Party at the campsite, where Kagha will be poisoned by Komira and Locke.

Act Two[edit | edit source]

Should Arabella survive the events of Act One, she can be found at the entrance to the Reithwin Graveyard between The House of Healing and the Mason's Guild in the Shadow-Cursed Lands, searching for her parents. Should the party agree to search for them this will start the quest Find Arabella's Parents and the party are able to invite her to Camp. They can also attempt to send her to the Last Light Inn but Arabella will refuse to stay anywhere but the party's camp.

Sadly, Arabella's parents did not survive and their corpses can be found under the care of Sister Lidwin in the House of Healing.

How Arabella takes the news depends on when she is told. If the party finds her parents' corpses before finding Arabella, then there is an option to tell her immediately. If this is done, then Arabella is shocked and upset, and runs off into the shadows. If, instead, Arabella goes to camp and is able to form a bond with Withers, then she takes the news much better. She still becomes distraught and refuses to talk to the party after they break the news, but calms down after a Long Rest and is able to accept her parents' deaths. With a surge of magic, she gives the party member who is speaking to her the ability to cast Arabella's Shadow Entangle Arabella's Shadow Entangle. In the end, Withers encourages her to go her own way and follow the Weave, stating that she has her own destiny to follow. Arabella remains in camp until the end of Act Two.

Act Three[edit | edit source]

Whether or not Arabella appears in Act Three depends on whether and when she was told of her parents' deaths. If she storms off after being told too soon (i.e. before being sent to camp to make friends with Withers), then she will not return. Likewise if she is never told of her parents' deaths then she will not return. If, on the other hand, she is told carefully in the presence of Withers then she will return.

Arabella can be found in Act Three in the Lower City Sewers, right across from the City Sewers waypoint X: -133 Y: 773. When encountered she is surrounded by the bodies of four thugs, and is staring intently at a stone.

If the party member who speaks to her passes an Arcana check, they can learn that the stone is magical, and has absorbed lifetimes upon lifetimes of stories from the city above. Arabella is absorbing them too. She tells the party that Bone man (her name for Withers) was right, that the Weave will guide her. She hints that the party might see her again.

Speak with Dead[edit | edit source]

Party member: Who are you?

  • Arabella: Arabella... I'm nine and a half...

Party member: Do you have any valuables hidden around here?

  • Arabella: Not me... Mol...

Party member: And you parents? What should I tell them?

  • Narrator: *The child is silent. There's no answer to give.*

Party member: How did you end up in the druid's grove?

  • Arabella: Elturel... everyone was angry... we ran away.

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