House of Healing Morgue

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The House of Healing Morgue is a location in Act Two. There are two entrances to this location:

  1. West of the House of Healing
  2. East of the Grand Mausoleum waypoint through the Ominous Crevice at X: -150 Y: 105

Morgue[edit | edit source]

Coming in the main entrance from west of the House of Healing will take you into the entry hall of the morgue. A successful Perception (DC 10) check will reveal a button on the south wall at X: 82 Y: -998, which opens a secret room. Inside is a chest with the Strange Tendril Amulet, and on one of the charred corpses you can find Firzu's Ring of Trading.

Through the large double doors you will be ambushed by zombies (Zombie ×3, Greater Zombie ×3). Tread cautiously, as the entire room is cloaked in a cloud of poison. Most of the poison clouds can be cleared by disabling 5 vents in the floor throughout the room, either by using a Trap Disarm Toolkit or dropping or throwing an object on top of them.

This door is initially locked, if entering through the main entrance. The lever immediately in front of the door will open the door, but only after the lever in the Laboratory through the center door is used.

Straight ahead is the Laboratory which has Karabasan's Poison and a locked, trapped chest with Eversight Ring. Passing a perception check will reveal a lever near the middle of the room, which will in turn enable the lever unlocking the door to the Ominous Crevice.

To the Left is a small room with a dead Harper with the Necrotic Laboratory Spare Key and a locked chest containing Bided Time. Reading Olam's Journal completes the Inspirational Event Blessed's Final Rest (Acolyte background) and Snuffed Spark (Sage background). Reading the Surgeon's Research Notes completes the Inspirational Event Hippocratic No More (Sage background).

Ominous crevice[edit | edit source]

At the center of this section is a deep pit filled with green vapours, which you can descend by climbing along the outer ledges. Without very high Jump skills, this can only be safely descended by entering from the outside entrance, which is east of the Grand Mausoleum. At the bottom of the pit you find encounter Hollow Armour ×1 and Fetid Ooze ×3. The hollow armour enemy drops Protective Plate. You will also find the Fleshmelter Cloak in a locked gilded chest on one of the 'islands' above the pit, between the Grand Mausoleum side and the passage to the rest of the morgue.

To the north, the path leads out of the pit to the Grand Mausoleum.

If you entered this area via the Grand Mausoleum, a button on the right statue will open the door to the Morgue.

Entering from the ominous crevice[edit | edit source]

You come in at the top of the pit mentioned above. To get into the morgue there is a button on one of the statues next to the door that unlocks the door.

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Notable Loot[edit | edit source]

Notable items obtained in this location, whether looted, purchased, or obtained as a quest reward:

In the ominous crevice[edit | edit source]

Other Information[edit | edit source]

  • If you freed the Pixie from the Moonlantern, there might be a bug where her blessing doesn't work in the Morgue. However, you can steal the other Moonlantern from Moonrise Towers and then return to the Morgue with no issues. Alternatively, if you double click on the Pixie's bell in your inventory, her blessing will be restored.