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Iron Throne

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Map of the Iron Throne

The Iron Throne is an underwater prison located in the Lower City of Baldur's Gate in Act Three. It can only be accessed by a Submersible from the basement of Flymm Cargo.

Information[edit | edit source]

Arriving at the Iron Throne triggers a countdown, whose duration depends on difficulty: 8 turns on Explorer, 6 turns on Balanced, and 5 turns on Tactician or Honour. When the countdown finishes, any characters who have not returned to the submersible are instantly killed, possibly failing their respective quests. Killed party members, however, can be revived after leaving the Iron Throne.

Map of the Iron Throne

The prison is made up of a central area with four tunnels leading off in each cardinal direction. Each tunnel has Sturdy Sturdy or Medium Toughness Medium Toughness Double Glasshouse Doors at the end, which can be closed by using a lever inside the tunnel next to the door. The western tunnel also has a pair of heat detectors. If these detectors are destroyed, or if any fire effect occurs in the tunnel[Needs Verification] (including the Oil Barrels), it will close doors at both ends of the tunnel.

The cells can be opened most easily by using the levers (which does not cost an action), or alternatively by hitting them with ranged attacks.

There are various types of hostile Sahuagin patrolling the corridors, and more that spawn over time from the deep water in the southern hall. With their low damage output and overall weakness they are unlikely to be a real threat to the party at this point, but they can kill the prisoners or ensnare characters with their nets.

Gondians[edit | edit source]

As part of Save the Gondians Save the Gondians, there are thirteen Gondians located throughout the prison. They will take no actions besides Dash Dash, which together with their Glimpse of Freedom Glimpse of Freedom condition allows them to move very quickly.

Duke Ravengard[edit | edit source]

Ulder Ravengard Grand Duke Ulder Ravengard can only be saved if Gortash's coronation has been attended. If Wyll Wyll has been recruited, it is highly recommended to speak to him after the coronation, and then return to camp to see Mizora Mizora's bargain, as part of The Blade of Frontiers The Blade of Frontiers and The Grand Duke The Grand Duke. Wyll does not have to accept Mizora's new pact to save his father, but doing so makes it easier.

Duke Ravengard is in the block of cells directly east from the ladder to the submersible. He is in the middle cell, and is damaged to only 35 HP. He will also have the Fiendish Obeisance Fiendish Obeisance status, unless Wyll wasn't recruited. Upon opening the door to his cell, the party gains control over the Duke's movements. However, once he leaves the cell, if Wyll broke his pact with Mizora, then she appears and attempts to have him killed; she gives him the Fiendish Obeisance: Kneel Fiendish Obeisance: Kneel status for one turn, preventing him from moving and giving him Disadvantage on Dexterity saves, and summons multiple Combustion Belly Spiderling, which try to self-destruct on him. The Duke can be helped to survive or avoid the spiders using a variety of means including healing, Protection from Energy: Fire Protection from Energy: Fire, Shield of Thralls Shield of Thralls, Dimension Door Dimension Door, or Teleport to Submersible Teleport to Submersible. Mizora does not appear if Wyll has died before resigning their pact.

Omeluum[edit | edit source]

Omeluum Omeluum may be found here as part of Retrieve Omeluum Retrieve Omeluum. It will be unavailable if it was previously killed or if Steal a Githyanki Egg Steal a Githyanki Egg was completed by giving the egg to Esther Lady Esther. It can be found down the southern path, in a cell, strapped to a chair, and must be freed with the Help command. Next to it on the table is a Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen, and the nearby backpack contains valuable selections from Omeluum's merchant inventory.

Omeluum's Teleport to Submersible Teleport to Submersible allows it to teleport itself and another ally to the submersible, which makes escape for the party member who freed him much easier. There may even be time for Omeluum to help others -- for example Omeluum can whisk Duke Ravengard to safety.

Cells[edit | edit source]

There are eight locked cells throughout the prison, each locked by a Sturdy Sturdy Glasshouse Door which can opened and closed by pulling a nearby lever, or lockpicked with a Sleight of Hand check (DC 21-25). Hitting a lever with any ranged attack or even an explosive blast will cause it to activate and open the door.

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Notable Loot[edit | edit source]

Notable items obtained in this location, whether looted, purchased, or obtained as a quest reward:

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Since the turn limit effectively imposes a limit on the total number of actions the party can take, the task can be made significantly easier by bringing along as many summoned creatures, pets, familiars, etc. as possible, to increase the total number of actions possible. Many summoned creatures are not capable of interacting with objects (and therefore can't open the doors, unless they attack the lever) but they can be helpful in managing the Sahuagin, protecting the prisoners, and getting in the way of the threats to Ravengard (if applicable).
  • Likewise, increasing the total number of actions through the use of Haste spells/scrolls and Potions of Speed will help immensely. In the case of Haste spells be careful to avoid situations which would break concentration. In the case of potions, quaffing a new potion as a final bonus action after expending all regular actions, on the turn when the Hastened condition is set to expire will allow continuation without incurring the Lethargic condition -- which could prove problematic or even fatal.
  • Sahuagin confronted with a closed door will often stop to try to break it down, which is usually futile as they cannot do enough damage in a single normal hit to overcome the doors' Sturdy condition. Closing some of the doors to the central area can thus effectively neutralize them, though this may make it impossible to rescue anyone still on the other side.
  • Any character that died either during the escape or because of the structural failures will wash up on the small beach south of Old Garlow's Place.

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