Retrieve Omeluum

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Retrieve Omeluum is a quest in Act Three of Baldur's Gate 3.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Find the Omelum.
  • We spoke to a hobgoblin called Blurg in the Society of Brilliance Lodge. His illithid companion Omeluum is missing - we agreed to look for it.
Help Omeluum escape.
  • Omeluum contacted us in the Iron Throne - it has been imprisoned in this watery grave as well. If we free it, perhaps it can help us escape.
  • We freed Omeluum. Together we'll escape this place.
Visit Omeluum in the Society of Brilliance.
  • We spoke to a hobgoblin called Blurg in the Society of Brilliance Lodge. His illithid companion Omeluum is missing - we agreed to look for it.
  • We escaped the Iron Throne with Omeluum. We should find the mind flayer once we return to the Society of Brilliance Lodge.
  • We visited Omeluum in the Lodge. It rewarded us for our aid in escaping the Iron Throne.
  • Omeluum was saddened to discover the violence we'd wrought on its colleagues at the Lodge. It offered us a reward regardless for helping it escape the Iron Throne, but we refused, and the illithid departed.
Omeluum is far beyond any rescue now.
Our actions angered the usually placid illithid Omeluum and caused it to attack us.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Act Three[edit | edit source]

If Steal a Githyanki Egg Steal a Githyanki Egg was resolved without Esther Lady Esther receiving the Githyanki Egg, the party will meet Omeluum's companion Blurg Blurg at the Society of Brilliance Lodge. Blurg informs that they both returned to Baldur's Gate to report to the Society of Brilliance their findings about the party's condition. However, shortly afterwards Omeluum decided to investigate the situation on its own… and disappeared. Blurg tells that his friend believed the problem to be connected to the Cult of the Absolute. He seems not to be overly concerned with Omeluum's whereabouts, but shall agree if the party proposes to track the illithid down.

There are no clear hints as to where to start searching, apart from Blurg's vague assumptions. However, if the party decides to help Zanner Toobin Zanner Toobin and/or servants of Umberlee Umberlee (quests Save the Gondians Save the Gondians and Avenge the Drowned Avenge the Drowned respectively), Omeluum will connect to the party telepathically upon docking at the Iron Throne. It will altruistically prompt the party to save Ulder Ravengard Duke Ravengard , who is also held in the underwater prison, and bide the party not to be concerned with its own fate. Nonetheless, it is possible to save the rogue illithid along with Ravengard and some (or all) Gondian captives.

Omeluum is held in a separate cell in the south-west corner of the Iron Throne, restrained to a surgical bed. It will become a temporary companion with the ability to Teleport to Submersible Teleport to Submersible. Once rescued, Omeluum teleports to the Lodge. Unlike Blurg, it cannot be traded with, although it can be pickpocketed. To finish the quest, the party needs to talk to the illithid once more. Omeluum will tell that the Society won't actively help the party in its further battles, but provides the party with several items selected from the Society' vaults, in gratitude for saving its tentacles.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Omeluum will hand you a Pouch containing the following items: