Retrieve Omeluum

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Retrieve Omeluum is a quest in Act Three of Baldur's Gate 3. It is automatically triggered upon visiting the Iron Throne during Save the Gondians if Lady Esther was not given a githyanki egg in Steal a Githyanki Egg.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Find Omeluum.
  • Help Omeluum escape.
    • Omeluum contacted us in the Iron Throne - it has been imprisoned in this watery grave as well. If we free it, perhaps it can help us escape.
    • We freed Omeluum. Together we'll escape this place.
  • Visit Omeluum in the Society of Brilliance.
    • We escaped the Iron Throne with Omeluum. We should find the mind flayer once we return to the Society of Brilliance Lodge.
  • We visited Omeluum in the Lodge. It rewarded us for our aid in escaping the Iron Throne.
  • Omeluum was saddened to discover the violence we'd wrought on its colleagues at the Lodge. It offered us a reward regardless for helping it escape the Iron Throne, but we refused, and the illithid departed.
  • Omeluum is far beyond any rescue now.
  • Our actions angered the usually placid illithid Omeluum and caused it to attack us.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Omeluum will hand you a Pouch containing the following items:

Note: The dialogue may contain the following lines:

Omeluum: Instead, we have selected a series of items from the Society's vaults.
Omeluum: Curious. I appear to have left them elsewhere in the Lodge.
Omeluum: You found me at the bottom of the harbor. No doubt you will track them down with ease.

This may be related to having stolen items from the Society of Brilliance at a previous time. (Needs confirmation.) The items listed above will be provided regardless of these dialogue lines.