The Blade of Frontiers

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The Blade of Frontiers is the Companion quest for Wyll. It is automatically added to your journal when he joins your party inside the Druid Grove.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending player decisions.

Hunt down Karlach.
  • We recruited Wyll, a monster hunter known as the Blade of Frontiers. He is on a mission to kill Karlach, a powerful devil who is a danger to the entire Sword Coast.
  • We met a group of paladins who seek Karlach, the very same target who Wyll is hunting. They provided us with her exact whereabouts.
Talk to Wyll about Karlach.
  • We located Karlach, who was not the treacherous devil Wyll believed her to be. We resolved the situation peacefully, but Wyll owes us an explanation.
Rest at camp.
  • Wyll spoke ominously about a penance he must face. We should take a long rest when the opportunity strikes; there's clearly a lot the Blade of Frontiers isn't telling us.
Continue travelling with Wyll.
  • We met Wyll's diabolical patron, Mizora, who was none too happy to find that Wyll failed to slay Karlach. She punished Wyll for his disobedience by turning him into a devil and departed - though it seems likely we'll meet her again.
Rescue Zariel's asset from Moonrise Towers.
  • Mizora appeared in the form of a projection to inform us that the Absolute cult abducuted an infernal asset of some importance to the archdevil Zariel. We should find and release them - Wyll's very soul hangs in the balance.
  • We've delved deep into Moonrise Towers. We should search the area thoroughly - the devil that Mizora asked us to rescue must be nearby.
Wait for Mizora to be in Contact.
  • Zariel's asset turned out to be Mizora herself. In return for our help, she promised to release Wyll from his pact, but only after six months had passed. She disappeared again - but not before promising she'd find us soon enough.

We've reach Wyrm's Crossing, on the outskirts of Baldur's Gate. We should keep an eye out for Mizora.

Attend Gortash's ordination ceremony.
Return to Mizora.
  • The ceremony is over. We should return to Mizora.
Rest at camp.
  • Mizora asked us to meet her in camp. She has an important proposal to make regarding Wyll's father, Grand Dule Ravengard.
Continue forth with Wyll.
  • Mizora gave Wyll a choice. He could agree to an eternal pact with her and Zariel, and she would reveal where his father's been taken and ensure his safe return. Or he could break his pact with Mizora, dooming his father to die in Gortash's secret command centre. Wyll broke the pact, choosing his freedom over his father's life.
Talk to Ravengard.
* Mizora gave Wyll a choice. He could agree to an eternal pact with her and Zariel, and she would reveal where his father's been taken and ensure his safe return. Or he could break his pact with Mizora, dooming his father to die in Gortash's secret command centre. Wyll broke the pact, choosing his freedom over his father's life.
Read The Legend of Ansur.
  • We've retrieved a book called 'The Legend of Ansur'. We should read it.
  • Duke Ravengard told Wyll the only way to save Baldur's Gate from the Absolute scourge is to awaken a powerful wyrm called Ansur who sleeps under the city. A tome called 'The Legend of Ansur' is key to finding the entrance to the wyrm's lair.
Find the entrance to Ansur's lair, the Wyrmway.
  • After reading 'The Legend of Ansur', we discovered the great wyrm Ansur resides in a secret lair called the Wyrmway. The entrance is apparently located somewhere within Wyrm's Rock Prison, and the notes inside it hint that opening the way involves lightning sparks and torches.
Return to Ravengard.
  • We defeated the resurrected remains of the great wyrm Ansur. We should return to camp and inform Duke Ravengard.
Quest Complete
  • With his father's blessing, Wyll announced himself the Blade of Avernus. He is devoted to protecting the Sword Coast from infernal threats by hunting devils, both within the Hells and without.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Note that Wyll’s story spans the entire game, and has spoilers for all Acts of the game.

Recruiting Wyll[edit | edit source]

Wyll can be first encountered when he joins the fight outside of the Emerald Grove. Afterwards, the player can find him inside the grove training young Tiefling refugees. He can be recruited to the party, and will explain that he is hunting a devil named Karlach.

Hunt down Karlach[edit | edit source]

The party can find Karlach down the hill from the Toll House. Karlach can be spoken to and recruited, freed or killed. If Wyll is in the party, the two will have a confrontation.

If Karlach is recruited to the party before speaking to Wyll, he will show up at camp to confront her. Wyll or Karlach can each be asked to leave, be killed, or the situation can be resolved peacefully.

If Karlach is encountered and recruited without Wyll in the party, they will have a confrontation the next Long Rest.

Meeting Mizora[edit | edit source]

During a long rest, Mizora will manifest at camp. If Karlach was killed, she will gift Wyll the Infernal Robe. Otherwise, she will punish Wyll and his appearance will permanently change.

Rescue Zariel's Asset[edit | edit source]

Mizora will manifest either at camp or the entrance to Moonrise Towers, this time to request that the party rescue one of Zariel's assets, who has been trapped at Moonrise Towers. During this conversation, she can be persuaded to end Wyll's contract in exchange for rescuing the asset.

Zariel's asset cannot be found in Moonrise Towers proper, rather they can only be saved after entering the Mind Flayer Colony. Here, the party can find Mizora herself trapped within a pod in the Tadpoling Centre.

Mizora can be freed from the pod, or killed. However, killing her will also kill Wyll. If the party frees her, she can be persuaded to gift the Infernal Rapier to Wyll. If the party also tries to end Wyll's contract, she can relent, but will stipulate that it will take another six months for the pact to end.

Mizora at Wyrm's Crossing[edit | edit source]

After reaching Wyrm's Crossing in Act 3, Mizora can be found loitering in Wyrm's Rock Fortress or just before the transition to the Lower City. She asks that the party attend Gortash's ordination. Afterwards, she will offer to save Duke Ravengard if Wyll keeps his contract. (See The Grand Duke for this sub-quest).

The Great Wyrm[edit | edit source]

If Duke Ravengard is successfully saved, he will give the party a quest to gather the aid of the great wyrm Ansur. Ansur can be found by travelling to Wyrm's Rock Prison. Here, travel down the western passage way to find two dragon sconces. Hit the sconces with electricity damage, then interact to light them. Past the new opening is the Wyrmway.

After the Wyrmway's trials are completed, Ansur can be found and fought. The party can then return to camp to inform Duke Ravengard.

If the Duke perishes, Counsellor Florrick catalyzes this part of the quest.

If Ravengard is dead and Florrick is dead or still imprisoned, walking around the Lower City may trigger a Flaming Fist officer to approach and accuse Wyll of having killed his father. Wyll retorts that this is disinformation being spread by Mizora. Talking the Fist down will result in her providing the necessary information to begin this stage of the quest.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Companion approval[edit | edit source]

During Mizora's judgment at camp, if Wyll does not kill Karlach[edit | edit source]

If Wyll is the starting character:

  • Defend Karlach from Mizora Karlach approves +5
  • Give up Karlach to Mizora Karlach disapproves -5

If a character other than Wyll is the starting character:

  • Defend Karlach from Mizora Gale approves +1 Lae'zel approves +1 Shadowheart approves +1 Karlach approves +5
  • Offer to give up Karlach to Mizora Gale disapproves -1 Lae'zel disapproves -1 Shadowheart disapproves -1 Karlach disapproves -5
  • Threaten Mizora Astarion approves +1 Gale approves +1 Lae'zel approves +1 Shadowheart approves +1 Karlach approves +1
  • Tell Mizora to fuck off Gale approves +1 Lae'zel approves +1 Shadowheart approves +1 Wyll approves +5 Karlach approves +5
  • Admire Mizora - "Well, well. Aren't you a luscious thing?" Wyll disapproves -1 Karlach disapproves -1

Achievements[edit | edit source]


Break Wyll's pact with Mizora.

A-Crash Landing.jpg

Crash Landing
In the Wyrmway, wait until the dragon is mid-flight, then knock it out of the sky - KAPOW.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • If the Wyrmway and Ansur are completed before saving Duke Ravengard, Wyll will be stuck saying the party needs to return to camp and tell Ravengard, and will not have other conversation options.