The Blade of Frontiers

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The Blade of Frontiers is the Companion quest for Wyll. It is automatically added to your journal when he joins your party inside the Druid Grove.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending player decisions.

  • Find the Goblin Camp.
    • We met Wyll, a renowned monster hunter from Baldur's Gate. He wants to help the tieflings by taking out the goblin leaders.
  • Kill the leaders of the Goblin Camp.
    • We've arrived at the goblin camp. Now we need to find and kill their leaders.
  • Continue travelling with Wyll.
    • Spike died before he could tell us anything useful. Wyll wasn't too pleased, but we'll have to carry-on - we still need to deal with the parasite.
  • Continue travelling with Wyll.
    • We killed the goblin leaders - the tieflings should have a chance now. Wyll wants to continue looking for a cure for the parasite with us.
  • Find and save Mizora.
    • Wyll said that Mizora is a cambion who gave him his powers. They were separated on the Nautiloid, and now he needs to find where the Goblins took her.

Rewards[edit | edit source]