Steal a Githyanki Egg

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The githyanki egg is struggling to hatch.

Steal a Githyanki Egg is a quest in Act One of Baldur's Gate 3. It can be started by speaking with Lady Esther at the Mountain Pass.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending player decisions and outcomes.

Search the Githyanki Crèche for an egg.
  • Lady Esther has asked that we steal an egg from the githyanki. The Society of Brilliance want to incubate it, raise it, and soothe its so-called violent nature.
  • We convinced Lady Esther to pay us to steal the githyanki egg up front.
Take the egg from the Hatchery.
  • We learned of an egg being kept in the githyanki Hatchery. It's guarded by a caretaker and two guards. There must be some way to steal it.
Take the egg to Lady Esther.
  • We snatched the githyanki egg from the Hatchery. Lady Esther will pay us handsomely for it.
Quest Complete
  • The githyanki egg has been destroyed.
  • We kicked the egg off a cliff.
  • We tricked Lady Esther into taking an owlbear egg instead. She thanked us, and rewarded us.
  • We gave Lady Esther the githyanki egg. She appreciated our help and rewarded us.
  • Lady Esther is gone. There's no chance of giving her an egg now.
  • We tricked Lady Esther into taking an owlbear egg instead.
  • We gave Lady Esther the githyanki egg. She appreciated our help.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Lady Esther X: -43 Y: -128 is northeast of the Trielta Crags Waypoint in the Mountain Pass. Esther asks the party if they've seen the "stupid little hive" known as the crèche. She explains that she was chased off after trying to buy one of the githyanki eggs. The Society of Brilliance asked her to acquire one of their roe so they can incubate it and, once it hatches, raise the spawn in their tradition. Esther asks the party if they'd be willing to acquire an egg for her, and she'll reward the party handsomely for their service.

The party can insist upon payment upfront with a successful DC 21 Persuasion check, agree to do the task, refuse, or kill Esther outright.

Accessing the Monastery[edit | edit source]

The broken door to the Monastery leads the way in.

The Rosymorn Monastery is accessed from the Mountain Pass. Find the Cable Car Wheel X: -47 Y: -74 and succeed in a DC 15 Strength check to summon the cable car. Climb on the cable car and use the wheel to move towards the Monastery. Follow the path east until a cutscene triggers where a group of githyanki warriors shoot down some cultists. Unfortunately, the Rosymorn Monastery Doors are locked and magically enchanted, but there are broken windows that can be climbed through X: 64 Y: 31 just west of the doors. Once inside, there are a number of drunk Kobolds who can be snuck past or killed. Move north to the giant crack in the wall. From here, jump up the rocks to get higher up on the Monastery.

The Githyanki Crèche[edit | edit source]

Climb the cliffs to access the upper levels of the Monastery.

From upper floor, move north up the hall, then jump across the gap to the west. Move north, then west to find a set of crumbling stairs. Jump past the gaps to follow the stairs down. Once the stairs have been descended, move north and a barricade is on the western wall. Destroy it and walk through. Move north through the oak door, then keep moving west past the statue of Lathander. (Note: There is a lever on the wall X: 78 Y: 49 that opens the monastery doors, which can make reentering the monastery easier)

After moving west, follow the stairs to north to reach the Monastery Basement (X:74, Y:80) where Crèche Y'llek resides. The githyanki are suspicious to outsiders - Lae'zel can smooth the way without any checks if she's in the party, or the party can gain access by persuading, intimidating, or deceiving the guards.

Acquiring the egg[edit | edit source]

The Hatchery (X:1322, Y:-781) is northwest of the Crèche Y'llek Waypoint. The hatchery is filled with a number of dangerous traps, as well as acid. Use the rocks to avoid getting damaged. The overseer, Varsh Ko'kuu (X:1289, Y:-759), is on the cliff overlooking the egg. Speak to him and learn that there is only one egg remaining, which has a limited time to hatch before it's destroyed by the Kith'rak.

  • I wanted to see the hatchery. I didn't expect it to look so empty.
  • You mistook me for someone. Who were you expecting?
  • I came here to steal an egg.
Varsh Ko'kuu wants to see the final egg hatch.

Choose one of the first two options and Ko'kuu explains that the Kith'rak will come any day now to destroy the egg, as it's the last one left to hatch:

  • This seems like an awful lot of fuss for one egg.
  • What will happen to this egg if it doesn't hatch?
  • DC 14 Persuasion check. Why do you care so much about one dud egg?

If Ko'kuu is asked why he cares so much, he says he was the last one of his brood to hatch. He wants the egg to have a fair shot. Choose " DC 16 Persuasion check. Let me help - I can take it somewhere safe" and Ko'kuu asks what the party will do with it:

  • I'll raise it as if it were my own flesh and blood.
  • I'll make the best omelette you've ever tasted.
  • I'll find another creche. One that's more forgiving.
  • Depends, how much do you think these things sell for?

Choose to raise it or to find another creche and Ko'kuu agrees to relinquish the egg. Unsurprisingly, claiming to make an omelette or sell the egg has him turn hostile.

If Ko'kuu is convinced to give up the egg, he provides Varsh Ko'kuu's Boots, which can aid in approaching the egg. Once the egg is reached, interact with it to get the chance to pick it up, step on it, or leave it. Stepping on it will make Varsh and the other Githyanki hostile.

Returning to Esther[edit | edit source]

Once Esther is returned to, there are several options:

  • Esther can be given the egg, to which she rewards the party, or told the egg was destroyed, which turns her hostile.
  • Esther can be given an Owlbear Egg and either convinced into believing it's the right egg DC 21 Nature check., deceived to believe that the egg is more valuable to her (DC 21), or persuaded into having Esther trick her employers (DC 21).
  • The Dark Urge Origin has a unique option to kick the githyanki egg over the cliff right in front of Esther, which turns her hostile.
  • The party can keep the egg for themselves and return it to the Lodge personally for a reward.
  • Tell Esther that you refuse to hand the egg over. If persuaded to pay upfront beforehand, she turns hostile.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • 449 Gold - If the egg is given to Esther
  • 1000 Gold - If the egg is sold to Havkelaag in Act 3 (although you might not get the full amount if you took the advance from Esther).
  • 466 Gold - If succeeding a DC 21 Persuasion check to convince Lady Esther to pay upfront

Consequences[edit | edit source]

If Esther is given a genuine githyanki egg, the egg shows up in a portal at the Society of Brilliance Lodge in the Lower City in Act Three. The githyanki is now fully grown, going by the name Ptaris. He reveals that he was raised by Lady Esther and a dwarf named Havkelaag, who sped up his aging. Ptaris murdered both of them (as well as other Society of Brilliance members such as Omeluum) and becomes aggressive to the party if failed to be convinced that the Ptarian code he was raised by was wrong. Additionally, if the egg is given to Esther, the quest Retrieve Omeluum does not appear during Save the Gondians.

If the egg was taken, regardless of who it was given to, Orpheus confronts the player about their choice if he is freed during Free Orpheus.

Concentration Icons.png Spoiler warning! This section reveals details about the Epilogue of Baldur's Gate 3.

If the egg was not given away and Lae'zel survives into the Epilogue, she will reveal that the egg has hatched. She names the boy "Xan," "freedom" in the Gith language, and notes that the child will have the chance to choose whatever path in life that calls to them.

If the egg was not given away or left with Lae'zel, the player lodges in the Elfsong Tavern, and leaves the egg in the camp chest, the newspaper clippings will have an article title alluding to the egg hatching and the newborn Gith crawling around the bar.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • When speaking to Lae'zel after picking up the egg, she may demand that you not give the egg to Esther, even if Esther was killed while Lae'zel was present.