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Nightsong redirects here. You may be looking for (spoiler warning) the Nightsong.
Lady Shar is connected deeply with the Nightsong.

Find the Nightsong is a quest in Act One, Act Two, and Act Three of Baldur's Gate 3. It can be initiated by speaking with Aradin about the reason for his expedition into goblin territory, or coming across the corpses of the failed expedition. This quest is only completable in Act Three.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Objectives and journal entries may vary pending player decisions and outcomes.

Investigate the temple ruins.
  • A wizard in Baldur's Gate is offering a huge sum of money to anyone who brings him the 'Nightsong'.
  • The Nightsong is in some kind of temple. It must be in the Goblin Camp.
  • One of the adventurers, the dwarf Brian, has a map leading to the Nightsong. However, he was killed by goblins at the temple.
  • We found a diary describing some adventurers looking for a rare artefact called the Nightsong. It's supposed to be hidden beneath the temple.
Search the temple.
  • We reached the temple that is rumoured to contain the Nightsong. We should search for it.
Open the door.
  • We found a poem about Selûne on a dwarf's corpse. It mentioned a door under the temple. What is hidden beneath the Goblin Camp?
  • We discovered a clue about the Nightsong: a poem about Selûne that mentions a door under the temple. What is hidden beneath the Goblin Camp?
  • We found an old journal that detailed how to unlock the passage to the temple beneath the goblin camp. We need to match the moon to the stars while casting darkness at the bottom.
Enter the secret passage.
  • We solved a puzzle in the Goblin Camp, revealing a secret passage that leads underground.
  • Enter the secret passage.
Explore the Underdark.
  • The trail goes cold in the Underdark. Where is the Nightsong?
Find the Sharran Temple.
  • We found a book that told of a secret Sharran temple that contains the Nightsong. It is hidden underground, somewhere near Moonrise Towers.
Find another route to the Sharran Temple.
  • The bridge connecting the Underdark to the Sharran temple is gone. To reach the Nightsong, we'll have to go overland.
Find the Nightsong.
  • Ketheric Thorm has sent his trusted servant Balthazar to the Thorm Mausoleum to retrieve the Nightsong.
  • We found an abandoned Temple of Shar under the Thorm Mausoleum. The Nightsong must be within.
Retrieve the Nightsong from the Gauntlet of Shar.
  • We found a plaque that claims the Nightsong is in the Temple of Shar.
  • We found a plaque disclosing the fact that Nightsong isn't a relic. She's a woman, caged, and somehow mixed up in the business of Ketheric's invulnerability.
  • Our search for the Nightsong led us to the Shadowfell. A cage lies at its base.
Retrieve the Nightsong from the Shadowfell.
  • We found the Nightsong, but it isn't an artefact - it's a living, breathing woman who has been caged in the Shadowfell. What does the wizard Lorroakan want with her?
Find the wizard in Baldur's Gate who wants the Nightsong.
  • We found the Nightsong, but it wasn't an artefact - it's a living, breathing woman who has been caged in the Shadowfell. What does the wizard in Baldur's Gate want with her?
Find and speak to Lorroakan.
  • We found a poster about the Nightsong. The wizard Lorroakan is offering a significant reward to anyone who can bring it to him. We should see what he wants with her.
Speak to Lorroakan.
  • We met Aradin again outside Sorcerous Sundries. He is still looking for the Nightsong to collect payment from the shop's proprietor, the wizard Lorroakan.
  • Nightsong decided to camp with us. We should see what the wizard Lorroakan wants with her.
Find and meet Lorroakan.
  • Rolan told us that we must head to the upper floors of Sorcerous Sundries to meet the great wizard Lorroakan.
  • A projection of Lorroakan told us to head to the upper floors to meet the wizard in person. He wants to discuss the Nightsong.
Gain an audience with Lorroakan.
  • A projection of the wizard Lorroakan has set us a puzzle to solve before getting an audience with him. We need to select the right portal to step through.
  • We stepped through the wrong portal in Lorroakan's puzzle and have been expelled from Sorcerous Sundries.
  • We've been banned from Sorcerous Sundries - reaching the wizard Lorroakan will be much trickier now.
Decide what to do about Nightsong and Lorroakan.
  • Lorroakan wants us to bring Nightsong to him. Regardless of what we decide to do, we should tell her about Lorroakan - she would want to know.
  • We told Nightsong that Lorroakan is after her. She decided to confront him. We should go with her.
Quest Complete
  • We gave Nightsong to Lorroakan.
  • Nightsong is dead.
  • We lied to Lorroakan and told him Nightsong was dead. He believed us, and will no longer look for her.
  • Lorroakan is dead. Nightsong is safe from him.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Learning About the Nightsong[edit | edit source]

Aradin[edit | edit source]

The first time the party enters the proximity of the Druid Grove, a number of adventurers are banging on the gates, begging to be let in. Shortly after, the Grove is attacked by a raiding party of goblins. After the battle, the survivors enter the Grove. Inside, Aradin argues with the leader of the tieflings, Zevlor, over the danger that was brought to the Grove. He also asks Aradin where the First Druid, Halsin is, to which Aradin explains he got captured at the Goblin Camp. The party can either defuse tensions, knock out Aradin, or let Zevlor knock him out. Later, Aradin can be found drinking at the Grove. Aradin is by the stone door at The Hollow, under a blue tent.

If the party asks what happened to the First Druid, Aradin explains that he and his crew were hired to track down an ancient relic, the Nightsong, by a wizard in Baldur's Gate. When Halsin got wind of their plans, he eagerly asked to accompany them. Unfortunately, the group was ambushed by goblins and Halsin was captured.

Liam[edit | edit source]

Liam is being tortured for information.

Liam, one of the adventurers who was working with Aradin, is being tortured by Torturer Spike in a room east of Priestess Gut in the Shattered Sanctum. The party can convince the goblins to clear off with the illithid powers, with a Deception check (DC 15), or with Detect Thoughts. If the party asks Liam how he got on the rack, he explains that a wizard named Lorroakan tasked his group to track down the Nightsong, and that Halsin was imprisoned when the goblins attacked. Liam can be freed with a Sleight of Hand check (DC 7) or by taking the key from Spike (either by killing him or pickpocketing him).

Brian[edit | edit source]

Brian was a dwarf on the expedition but unfortunately, he's already been cut to pieces by the goblins and turned into a spit roast. However, one of the goblins, Tracker Klagga, has his belongings. Speak to Klagga and he mentions a poem owned by the dwarf. Select "I love poetry - can I see?"

Convince Klagga to get the poem, which is actually a set of clues on how to enter the temple below the Shattered Sanctum, known as the Defiled Temple.

The Selunite Outpost[edit | edit source]

The correct combination for the Defiled Temple puzzle.

One path to the Defiled Temple is through the Sanctum itself. The entrance can be accessed through Priestess Gut's chambers, but is guarded by her ogre servant Polma. An easy way to avoid the need to sneak past the guard is by speaking to Gut X: 297 Y: -18 as part of Ask the Goblin Priestess for Help. Use a non-Elf/Half-Elf character to follow her to her chambers and take the potion and do not attempt to escape. A cutscene plays which results in both Gut and the ogre being killed.

Once in the Selûnite temple, there is a puzzle blocking the way forward. There are four overlapping circles. The goal is to get the black circles into the southernmost circle. Follow the combination to unlock the door:

  • South
  • East
  • South
  • North
  • East

This opens up the way to a long abandoned Selûnite Outpost.

Alternatively the Outpost can be accessed from outside. After entering the Underdark through any other entrance (Whispering Depths, Zhentarim Hideout, Overgrown Tunnel), to the west of where the Spectator is fought (see The Adamantine Forge), there are a series of rocks and roots that can be jumped and climbed to reach a broken window of the Outpost.

The book In Search of the Nightsong, found in the Outpost on the dais below the moonstone, explains that the Nightsong "is, in fact, held in an old Sharran fortress somwhere in the environs of Moonrise Towers. However... some kind of potent shadow prevents one from approaching where this fortress might be."

From here, the trail goes cold until the latter half of Act Two.

Finding the Nightsong[edit | edit source]

The quest continues when the party enters the Shadowfell as part of the main quest Find Ketheric Thorm's Relic.

If the Nightsong is killed, then the quest ends immediately.

Sorcerous Sundries[edit | edit source]

Sorcerous Sundries X: -15 Y: -68 is in the Lower City, southwest of the Baldur’s Mouth building and southeast of the Lower City Central Wall Waypoint.

If Aradin is alive, he is at the entrance to the store, arguing with an Animated Armour. After he notices the party, he asks if they found the Nightsong. The player can lie to him, to which the party can lie or tell him they found her. If the party tells Aradin they have her, or fails to deceive or intimidate him to stay away, he later appears at camp during a Long Rest to take the Nightsong by force with a group of seven mercenaries.

If Rolan was left alive, he greets the party at the front desk and provides them with a flyer about the Nightsong, with Lorroakan offering a grand reward for the "relic." Go up the stairs and a projection of Lorroakan appears and tells the party to proceed through the correct portal if they have information on the Nightsong. There are four portals, each with a plaque next to them. When the plaques are read, they state different claims about what the Nightsong is. The party needs to go through the portal with the correct information to proceed to Ramazith's Tower.

Lorroakan purchased a wand from a Calisham Warlock that can control celestials.

Once inside the tower, Lorroakan confronts the party and accuses them of wasting his time since they didn't bring the Nightsong to him. In the conversation, the party can tell Lorroakan they know where Aylin is, tell him she's dead (whether this is true or not), or tell him they left her in the Shadowfell (again, whether this is true or not).

Getting Kicked Out[edit | edit source]

If the party uses the wrong portal, they are banned from Sorcerous Sundries. Reentering causes the entire place to become hostile, and the projection of Lorroakan kicks out the party if he sees them. However, if the party uses Disguise Self, they can enter safely. Invisibility also works.

The Nightsong's Fate[edit | edit source]

If the Nightsong is alive in Act Three, her fate depends on how the party deals with Lorroakan. If the party lies to Lorroakan and tells him Aylin is dead or trapped, the party gains no allies either way, but Aylin won't be captured.

The party can choose to tell Aylin that Lorroakan is hunting her and intends to try to steal her immortality. Aylin, furious, goes to confront him and asks the party to help her. Go back to the tower and Aylin will arrive, ready to destroy the wizard. The party can either side with Aylin and take down Lorroakan, or side with Lorroakan to capture Aylin. If the party sides with Aylin, Lorroakan is joined by a Water Myrmidon, Air Myrmidon, Earth Myrmidon, Fire Myrmidon, Krank, and Miklaur. If the party sides with Lorroakan, Aylin is aided by four celestial allies.

Rolan, if alive, joins the final battle as well, but his allegiances are determined on his attitude to the party up to this point. If his family died in Rescue the Tieflings, he will resent the party and side with Lorroakan. If the party saved his family, he will betray Lorroakan and assist the party, becoming the new steward of Ramazith's Tower upon the wizard's defeat.

Defeating Lorroakan awards the Inspiration Icon.pngInspirational Events How High They Fall (Haunted One background) and Stopping the Repetition of History (Sage background).

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Act Two portion of this quest locks out many quests in the area as well as doing normal activities in Moonrise Towers (ie trading with the Zhentarim or Araj Oblodra). It is highly recommended to avoid the Gauntlet of Shar entirely until the party is ready to end Act Two and move on to Act Three.
  • There is a glitch in Act Three where talking to Nightsong about Lorroakan before visiting him in Sorcerous Sundries or visiting Lorroakan and defeating him before talking to Aylin causes Aylin to disappear and not return. The best way to avoid this is by going to Sorcerous Sundries first to speak with Lorroakan before speaking about it with Aylin, then return to confront Lorroakan afterwards.
  • This quest is heavily intersected with The Chosen of Shar in Act Two. If Shadowheart isn't in the party when Nightsong's fate is determined, she will leave the party permanently.